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macOS Catalina Patcher 1.3.5


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Name macOS Catalina Patcher v1.3.5
Size 184.9 MB
Created on 2020-03-30 22:44:55
Hash 9abbfd87285417b6b07ff146c9fd4ab2ada21eee
Files macOS Catalina Patcher v1.3.5 (184.9 MB)

Descriptions for macOS Catalina Patcher 1.3.5

macOS Catalina Patcher lets you install macOS Catalina on Mac computers that are no longer officially supported. It can help you create a bootable USB drive that can be used to install macOS Catalina on Mac computers older than mid 2012.

Important disclaimer

MacUpdate team strongly suggests not to install macOS Catalina if you only have one computer or if it is your main machine. Also consider creating a Time Machine backup before proceeding with an installation and look through System Compatibility section. Do not attempt to install macOS Catalina on computers that are in the Not Supported list.

Important Info

APFS BootROM Support: If you have a machine that supports High Sierra natively, you MUST ensure you have the latest version of the system’s BootROM installed. If you have NOT previously installed High Sierra, you can download and install this package to install the latest BootROM version. When installing, ensure your system is plugged in to power, or the update will not be installed.

System Compatibility

Early-2008 or newer Mac Pro, iMac, or MacBook Pro:

  • MacPro3,1
  • MacPro4,1
  • MacPro5,1
  • iMac8,1
  • iMac9,1
  • iMac10,x
  • iMac11,x (systems with AMD Radeon HD 5xxx and 6xxx series GPUs will be almost unusable when running Catalina.)
  • iMac12,x (systems with AMD Radeon HD 5xxx and 6xxx series GPUs will be almost unusable when running Catalina.)
  • MacBookPro4,1
  • MacBookPro5,x
  • MacBookPro6,x
  • MacBookPro7,x
  • MacBookPro8,x

Late-2008 or newer MacBook Air or Aluminum Unibody MacBook:

  • MacBookAir2,1
  • MacBookAir3,x
  • MacBookAir4,x
  • MacBook5,1

Early-2009 or newer Mac Mini or white MacBook:

  • Macmini3,1
  • Macmini4,1
  • Macmini5,x (systems with AMD Radeon HD 6xxx series GPUs will be almost unusable when running Catalina.)
  • MacBook5,2
  • MacBook6,1
  • MacBook7,1

Early-2008 or newer Xserve:

  • Xserve2,1
  • Xserve3,1

Machines that ARE NOT supported:

2006-2007 Mac Pros, iMacs, MacBook Pros, and Mac Minis:

  • MacPro1,1
  • MacPro2,1
  • iMac4,1
  • iMac5,x
  • iMac6,1
  • iMac7,1
  • MacBookPro1,1
  • MacBookPro2,1
  • MacBookPro3,1
  • Macmini1,1
  • Macmini2,1

— The 2007 iMac 7,1 is compatible if the CPU is upgraded to a Penryn-based Core 2 Duo, such as a T9300.

2006-2008 MacBooks:

  • MacBook1,1
  • MacBook2,1
  • MacBook3,1
  • MacBook4,1

2008 MacBook Air (MacBookAir 1,1)

Known Issues

  • AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5xxx and 6xxx series graphics acceleration: Currently, it is not possible to achieve full graphics acceleration under Catalina on any machines that use a Radeon HD 5xxx or 6xxx series GPU. If you have a machine with one of these GPUs installed, I’d advise upgrading it if possible (can be done in 2010/2011 iMacs, iMac11,x-12,x), disabling the dedicated GPU if using a 2011 15″ or 17″ MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,2/8,3, instructions to do so can be found here), or not installing Catalina. Running Catalina without full graphics acceleration will result in extremely poor system performance.
  • 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 AMD GPU Support: FIXED as of Catalina Patcher 1.2.0.


Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later, Intel 64

What’s new in macOS Catalina Patcher 1.3.5

  • Fixed all 10.15.4 issues, 10.15.4 support has now been fully restored

How to Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on an Unsupported Mac

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