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MacCaption Enterprise 6.1.01

2015-03-27   Video

MacCaption Enterprise ec



Name: MacCaption Enterprise
Version: 6.1.01
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: KG

OS version: OS X 10.7 or later

Block connections to:

Follow instructions.txt to generate serial and activation key.

Courtesy of C.O.R.E.

New Features in Version 6.1 - October 21, 2014
• Improved user interface (UI) with easier to use controls:
· o The UI color scheme and graphics have been modernized
· o The main window supports high resolution Retina displays
· o For more easily previewing the captions along with the video file, a new “Preview Play” button replaces the previous “AutoSync” feature
· o You can now independently toggle whether captions playback is synced with video playback (captions follow video), and/or whether clicking on a caption will cause the video to jump to that time (video follows captions)
· o Some keyboard shortcuts have been improved or changed; the changes are documented in the menu Help > Keyboard Shortcuts
• New exports for Netflix Timed Text (NFLX-TT) for both closed captions and subtitles
• New exports for CFF Timed Text (CFF-TT) subtitles, including both text-based and image-based (pre-rendered PNG) outputs
• QCC Multi-format Import can handle even more caption data formats than before, and now respects the “Preserve Movie Timecode” option. When this preference is disabled, QCC Import will import the captions using zero offset based timing
• DCI Interop XML cinema subtitles export updated to the latest specification Assemble Captions import is now supported in Batch Convert mode
• QuickTime Subtitles Track export can now export multiple languages (programs) of subtitles in a single pass, with each track’s language tagged based on the language settings under Caption > Encode Preferences.
• SubRip SRT export now allows user to choose the end-of-line encoding (EOL) type: Unix/Mac default (LF) or Windows style (CRLF)
• Drag & Drop of MXF files into the text area (to import captions, not video) now supports more types of MXF files and more types of captions which can be present in MXF

Fixed in Version 6.1
• Support added for new security (code signing) requirements in Mac OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10
• Positioning of EBU-STL subtitles has been improved for both import and export
• Improved conversion of caption positioning to subtitle positioning when importing caption files to be exported as subtitle files
• XDCAM HD .mxf export has improved compatibility with some types of XDCAM HD .mxf source files
• Assemble Captions with FCP 7 XML adds support for source clips with multiple sources of time code
• Cheetah .CAP import – fixed gaps appearing between lines of text that should have been contiguous
• Improvements to 708 caption encoding to enhance decoder compatibility for certain unusual combinations of roll-up and paint-on captions
• Fixed some formatting issues when converting iTunes iTT format to Sony Pictures XML format

Known Issues in this Version
• Export of 720x512 MPEG-2 with line 21 VBI captions (CCIR 601 export) is temporarily disabled in this version. This will be addressed in the next update. A workaround is described in our knowledge base.

Full Release Notes:

More Info:

MacCaption is a new improved version of CCaptionPro. Not only you can import text file and break it into individual captions, you can also format the text by clicking on a couple of icons. Many icons have been added to access each function much faster. It cuts down caption preparation time to 1/3rd the time it takes with the old CCaptionPro. Online help screen is just a click away.

You do not need:
A separate caption preparation software
A closed caption encoder

For your complete caption work directly on your hard drive you need just one software - MacCaption. Period.

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