Luster Power Grades for DaVinci Resolve (Win/Mac)

2017-11-01   Graphics & Design Video

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Name: Luster Power Grades for DaVinci Resolve

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Want to know the secrets to creating that illusive or sophisticated look? Combining knowledge of color theory and a lifetime of creative intuition my Luster Power Grades are a library of colorful recipes. A cookbook for you to explore AND expound upon creating your own library and derivatives of looks!

It’s no secret that the measure of any great colorist is their ability to leverage color and tonal contrasts in a TASTEFUL and pleasing way. It’s my personal TASTE that I share with you in my Luster library of Power Grades.

Using a variety of advanced coloring techniques including curves, blending modes and RGB Mixer I’ve amassed a library of looks like those used on big budget features, indie films, fashion commercials, music videos and even the imitation of vintage film stocks and emulsions.

  • 25 Custom Power Grades
  • Easy Installer Package
  • MAC & Windows Support
  • Adjustable Nodes and Infinitely Modifiable



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