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Descriptions for LSP-Actions – PORTRAIT STUDIO VOGUE Photoshop Actions

Create the clean, fine art studio portraits you’ve been dreaming of with this complete start-to-finish workflow

Transform your portraits in just a few clicks

Never have a bad editing day again. The LSP Portrait Studio Vogue Action Suite contains over 120 professional Photoshop actions in workflow order. It’s just as simple for beginners and professionals alike to transform your portrait images into polished, high end photographs in just a fraction of the time this would normally take you by hand.

Formerly the Essential Studio Collection, this re-release is bigger better and more precise than ever! If you own the retired Essential set please see the Questions & Answers / Support tab BELOW for information of how to find your upgrade. This complete set will adapt to your own vision and allows you total creative freedom when retouching your portraits, from young children and families to adults and creative stand-alone pieces.

What’s Included?

The Portrait Studio Vogue Photoshop Action Suite contains over 120 professional actions in editing order.
Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can transform your portrait images into polished, high end pieces in a fraction of the time this would normally take This is suited for all studio images from young children to adults, families and more.


Essential tool kit for editing
12 Essential tools when editing, all in one place. From converting to SRGB, taking a snapshot and saving, you can do everything you need in this one section.


12 1-click layers
Need to quickly brighten, add contrast and neutralize the white balance? One click, half a second and your wish is my command. With actions such as brighten, rescue the shadows, clear the haze and more, this section transforms your whole image with just a click.


3 intuitive portrait bases
Balances, refines and contours your portrait in one intuitive click. Simply slide the opacity to suit.

Fast Portrait Retouch Workflow

14 layers ready to paint
Want a whole workflow set up for you? From removing blemishes, adding depth and softening the skin beautifully this all-in-one workflow has you covered. #TIP batch across your whole gallery for fast and consistent editing.


10 lighting brushes
Including saving highlights, boosting contrast, popping the 3D depth, you can sculpt and contour your image to your own taste with these stunning brushes.


11 color correcting brushes
Balance unsightly colors Quickly and easily with these brushes. Boost grey skin tones and fix any other areas that need it.


15 high end portrait brushes
Take control of your skin edit, fast. This section allows you to pick and choose as you go. Instantly paint away spots and blemishes, use the powder puff on shine and finish with glorious skin foundations. Unlike some plugins and other actions, the LSP Skin sections are non destructive and realistic.


12 fine detail brushes
Zoom in close and refine your subject’s face. Pick out the detail like never before. Paint away stray hairs, lift under eye circles, dazzle the iris, boost those brows – it’s all in this set.


For those who want absolute control:

  • Frequency Separation
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Select & Fix
  • Banding Reduce


20 finishers for that fine art finesse
Once click and view finishers, you can build them up to your own tastes. Contrast boosters, polished film finishers, wash overlays and even textures. Now you can add the final transformation to your portrait.


10 Black and White sculpting actions
Play the black and white conversion (you even have the option to do so as a separate image if you wish!) and sculpt to your tastes with the included tweaks such as mattify, whiten, blacken, contrast and shading.


11 Last minute finishes
Vingette, sharpen for print, social media/instagram resizing, saving for web… it’s all in this section here.

You have the option to take a snap shot and flatten after every section, making editing even more intuitive and less destructive!


Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud and also CS5, CS6

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