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Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop 1.0


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Created on 2019-02-15 00:25:56
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Descriptions for Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop 1.0 macOS Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

The Chop Shop plugin sports a super intuitive interface that allows users of all skill levels to quickly address tonal issues in their audio and enhance the original character of sounds in a musical and transparent way.

It is a faithful digital recreation of the famous 500 series analog EQ from Louder Than Liftoff.

This plugin not only perfectly reproduces the pristine sound of the original but also offers extra features that extend the functionality of this already versatile tone shaping tool.

Whether you are cleaning up multiple recordings from a hectic session or looking for a way to make your synths stand out in the mix, Chop Shop has got your back.

With the ability to quickly enhance the clarity or low end punch of any sound Chop Shop’s simple feature set belies it’s underlying power.

Chop Shop is the perfect tool to use across entire sessions. CPU efficiency coupled with musical transparency make Chop Shop ideal for eliminating masking and enhancing intelligibility.


  • FOCUS: intuitive singleknob tiltstyle
  • EQ. Achieve the perfect tonal balance quickly. LOCUT: 12 dB/oct filter that rolls off low frequencies, variable from 20 to 530 Hz.
  • BUMP: variable resonance control for LOCUT. Adds a resonant ‘bump’ at the corner frequency. MORE switch increases resonance dramatically.
  • LORIDER mode: (Plugin only feature) Transforms LOCUT section into a low pass filter with variable resonance (BUMP). Blend with the nonlow passed signal for massive sounding low end.
  • HICUT: 6 dB/oct filter that rolls off high frequencies whilst simultaneously retaining apparent brightness.

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What’s New in Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop 1.0

  • Initial release

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