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Look Font Family

2015-08-23   Graphics & Design

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Name Look Font Family
Size 37.10 MB
Created on 2015-08-14 23:36:59
Hash daadda032ab97bfb7bc1cb4e8fc3241e802bc6a5
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About this font family
Look, folks! From what may just be the vernacular sign capital of the world, Chattanooga, Tennessee, it’s a brand new hyperfamily from insigne! Look includes three different related fonts, with three weights each. That’s over 70 fonts!
Imagine: you turn onto a stretch of open country road. On the distressed, red background of an old barn wall, a large block of crisp white letters shout out: “See Rock City.” You soon realize this barn is not alone in competing for the passing eye. Far from it, ladies and gentlemen. This is just one of the many pieces of historic, hand-painted advertisements dotting the great Southern United States. Yes, these are the pieces of true Americana--the barns, the roadside signs, the machinery, the soda fountains, and more--that now inspire this splendid new set of three font families.

This new, easily readable type from insigne digs deep to capture the very heart and passion of this splendid country’s lettering of the post-war era. Look’s compact frame quickly draws the audience to your headline, logo, subheading, or pull quote, working well in those compact spots of text without overpowering your content. You'll easily put the feeling of those days gone by into every piece with the natural beauty and simple usefulness of the Look hyperfamily.

Each of the individual sub-families incorporates a variety of font weights with distressed attributes. Think Woodtype. Jeans. Antiques, folks. That deep, ingrained texture--that quality that will stand the test of time.

And Look is flexible, too. Take, for example, Look Script. This powerhouse of a font offers thinner weights to give your work an easy-going, down-to-earth design. But bring in those heavier weights, and you'll have a muscular, assertive font that will go the whole nine rounds.

Combine any of the Look families with Ornaments to really give your layouts a zing. Build an extraordinary design as well with Look’s swashes and alternates. To activate any of these alternates, just click on Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType-savvy application, or choose from the Glyph Palette. Explore hundreds of included extras to find that “cherry on top” for your one-of-a-kind project.

There are over 70 fonts to choose from, including subfamily sans, serif, script and ornament fonts! You can't go wrong. To get the most bang for your buck, order the whole Look family now!

Note on SHADOWS: Increase depth and make your designs pop! Add shadows to any of the Look fonts by duplicating the text content layer in place and switching it to its corresponding shadow. Color and offset to taste. Look shadows are offset automatically. In Illustrator, you may need to turn on Em Box Top for proper shadow alignment.

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Look™/Look Ornaments.otf (365.0 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Accent Bold.otf (112.4 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Accent Light.otf (113.5 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Accent Regular.otf (116.7 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Bold.otf (87.24 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Dapple Bold.otf (283.9 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Dapple Light.otf (286.6 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Dapple Regular.otf (291.7 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Jean Bold.otf (1.42 MB)
Look™/Look Sans Jean Light.otf (573.3 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Jean Regular.otf (958.9 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Light.otf (78.73 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Line Bold.otf (290.7 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Line Light.otf (318.9 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Line Regular.otf (260.8 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Print Bold.otf (690.6 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Print Light.otf (376.0 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Print Regular.otf (523.4 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Regular.otf (81.74 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Rough Bold.otf (525.5 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Rough Light.otf (313.1 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Rough Regular.otf (404.2 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Shadow Bold.otf (124.3 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Shadow Light.otf (127.2 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Shadow Regular.otf (134.6 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Wood Bold.otf (817.0 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Wood Light.otf (534.3 kB)
Look™/Look Sans Wood Regular.otf (635.9 kB)
Look™/Look Script Accent Bold.otf (209.9 kB)
Look™/Look Script Accent Light.otf (216.4 kB)
Look™/Look Script Accent Regular.otf (214.9 kB)
Look™/Look Script Bold.otf (224.9 kB)
Look™/Look Script Dapple Bold.otf (525.3 kB)
Look™/Look Script Jean Bold.otf (2.11 MB)
Look™/Look Script Jean Light.otf (768.0 kB)
Look™/Look Script Jean Regular.otf (1.31 MB)
Look™/Look Script Light.otf (222.8 kB)
Look™/Look Script Line Bold.otf (698.6 kB)
Look™/Look Script Print Bold.otf (996.3 kB)
Look™/Look Script Print Light.otf (661.9 kB)
Look™/Look Script Print Regular.otf (735.6 kB)
Look™/Look Script Regular.otf (223.4 kB)
Look™/Look Script Rough Bold.otf (810.2 kB)
Look™/Look Script Rough Light.otf (580.2 kB)
Look™/Look Script Rough Regular.otf (675.9 kB)
Look™/Look Script Shadow Bold.otf (248.0 kB)
Look™/Look Script Wood Bold.otf (1.32 MB)
Look™/Look Script Wood Light.otf (900.6 kB)
Look™/Look Script Wood Regular.otf (1.09 MB)
Look™/Look Serif Accent Bold.otf (124.5 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Accent Light.otf (129.9 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Accent Regular.otf (129.2 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Bold.otf (91.52 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Dapple Bold.otf (311.7 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Dapple Light.otf (282.6 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Dapple Regular.otf (305.9 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Jean Bold.otf (1.58 MB)
Look™/Look Serif Jean Light.otf (630.2 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Jean Regular.otf (1.06 MB)
Look™/Look Serif Light.otf (83.66 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Line Bold.otf (253.4 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Line Light.otf (329.2 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Line Regular.otf (321.1 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Print Bold.otf (758.5 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Print Light.otf (476.3 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Print Regular.otf (572.0 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Regular.otf (86.78 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Rough Bold.otf (603.9 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Rough Light.otf (387.8 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Rough Regular.otf (415.0 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Shadow Bold.otf (125.7 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Shadow Light.otf (128.7 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Shadow Regular.otf (136.9 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Wood Bold.otf (910.3 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Wood Light.otf (555.6 kB)
Look™/Look Serif Wood Regular.otf (732.9 kB)

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