LightWave Film LUT Pack MASTER & Skintone Luts (Win/Mac)

2019-08-20   Design Assets

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Name LightWave Film LUT Pack MASTER Skintone Luts
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Created on 2019-08-21 02:42:33
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Files LightWave Film LUT Pack MASTER Skintone Luts (190.1 MB)

Descriptions for LightWave Film LUT Pack TER & Skintone Luts (Win/Mac)

– The Most Powerful Emulations of the Greatest Film Stocks of all Time.

More Than just another LUT Pack.

From a complete overhaul of color science, to dynamic range enhancement; this is a complete color science standard developed from the most Legendary Film stocks that inspired Generations of Film Makers. With new forms of features and processes new to the format of 3D LUTs, this an advancement in how we see LUTs all together.


With features like dynamic color response, dynamic contrast handling, built in OLPF emulation, and dynamic range enhancement, this is a revolution in film emulation. Take your footage to a whole new level of quality with a color science overhaul. We built in over 30 processes new to the 3D LUT format in order to create something far more than a preset or color look. We even developed them to work with rec709 footage for the easiest and fastest workflows.

The Greats of every ERA

We’ve hand selected the 15 greatest film stocks of all time, and from all era’s. From 2011’s modern Kodak Vision3 family, to the Legendary Eastman Kodak Color II 100T 5247, we’re putting the power of the world’s most loved film stocks in your hands.

LOG for Everyone

The power of LOG in the hands of all

We understand the Power of change. That’s why we’ve designed a special LOG profile for each film stock that gives you ultimate control over your footage. Our LWS LOG space gives you powerful control over every part of the image for easier grading and adjustment than ever before. We even built into it the ability to work with compressed Rec709 8 bit footage without banding, blocking, or other color issues we found when working with other LOG spaces from 10 bit footage. With each film LUT also comes the LOG space versions which converts the footage to our LWS LOG space after emulating the film stock.

Other LOG spaces typically compress the Dynamic Range of the footage, which is then lost in the grading process. This in turn also causes saturation in the image to become uneven. LWS LOG decompresses the compressed dynamic range, fixing the color saturation of the image, giving you the full potential of your creative mind.

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