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Leroy Font Family – 5 Fonts

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Descriptions for Description

Leroy is a font family of 5 members designed from geometrizing Roman and Gothic skeletons. Its purpose is to provide optimal reading of titles and paragraphs with strong mechanical flavor. Because of this, its variables are designed to sort information in media such as labels, signs and industrial atmosphere packaging related with the Soviet Union’s fonts in 1920. This idea matured white horizontal lines superimposed on alphabets drawn with an ancient architectural team known as “Leroy K & E Controlled Lettering System”. Then that evolved into a family concept unifying its proportion to the same X height for its members, resulting in a versatile type system. 

Therefore, Regular and Bold variables have low contrast between thick and thin strokes. Its upstream and downstream are extremely short, generating a suitable interline that clogs the vertical area. Its overall width equal to its X height, supports its tight spacing that compacts the horizontal area. Therefore, the variant with black caliber has plenty of contrast between thick and thin strokes. The light variable has a “blind” effect radiating light halos, ideal to propose hierarchies and combinations with orthogonal projection. In that sense, Leroy’s modular character reminds constructivist ideology merged with typographical variants suitable for graphic design with geometric look.
To achieve this, I studied the softening of forms and counter blocks into a typographical system specially designed for composing useful information to attract attention. In that sense, the dingbats were obtained through a careful process of research and testings done with drawings that provided full and empty visual strategies that with the passage of time helped to forge the major decisions of a metamorphosis from industrial tools, birds and humans from pictogram mixing various genres.

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