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Komodo IDE 11.0.0

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Name ActiveState Komodo IDE v11.0.0.90668 for Mac Intel-BEAN [lic].zip
Size 95.91 MB
Created on 2017-09-26 23:31:33
Hash ff3c9f1cbad336684102cae4ebf85632d7f1266a
Files ActiveState Komodo IDE v11.0.0.90668 for Mac Intel-BEAN [lic].zip (95.91 MB)

Descriptions for Komodo IDE 11.0.0

Name: Komodo IDE
Version: 11.0.0 Build 90668
Released: Sep 26th, 2017
Developer: ActiveState Software Inc
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: License

Web Site:


Komodo IDE is the first unified workspace for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. A rich feature set for client-side Ajax languages such as CSS, HTML, javascript and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, enables developers to quickly and easily create robust web apps.

Komodo IDE is the first unified workspace for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. A rich feature set for client-side Ajax languages such as CSS, HTML, javascript and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, enables developers to quickly and easily create robust web apps. Award-winning features include comprehensive editing and debugging, plus intelligent tools for regular expressions, team development, customization and unparalleled extensibility. The result is a powerful coding environment for framework stacks like Ruby on Rails and CakePHP and client libraries such as the Yahoo! UI Library and Dojo.

So you’re a Web application developer? Developing in Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby or javascript? Are you a Linux, Mac or Windows user? No matter what your choices are, the answer is ActiveState’s Komodo IDE, an impressive cross-platform and cross-language environment for building Web applications. And oh yeah, it’s a really great tool that makes working in all these languages a breeze.

– Multi-language editor
– Multi-language support

Advanced support for:
  • Browserside technologies: CSS, HTML, javascript, and XML
  • Serverside languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl
  • Web template languages: RHTML, TemplateToolkit, HTMLSmarty, and Django
  • Autocomplete and calltips
  • Write code faster and shorten the learning curve with code completion that guides you as you work
  • CSS, HTML, javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML, and XSLT.
  • Schemabased XML/HTML completion
  • Multiplelanguage file support, such as CSS and javascript completion in HTML
  • Framework support for Rails and Zend
  • Support for adding thirdparty libraries
  • Interpreter version differentiation of builtin and standard library information
  • Multilanguage file support

What’s new in Komodo IDE 11.0.0 Build 90668


・Revamped Code Intelligence: Autocomplete is more robust and triggers from any position. The symbol browser focuses on simplicity, and you can quickly filter symbols using the new symbol list – all with overall faster performance.
・Print Debugging: Is running the full debugger is a bit much, but toggling between print statements gets tiresome? Now you can quickly toggle print statements as well as easily create them, simply by clicking the editor margin.
・ Integration: Highlight any word or code snippet and trigger the relevant language docs in from inside Komodo, making the process of looking up documentation much simpler. It even works when you’re offline.
・Live Previewing: No need to switch back and forth between your browser and editor. Now you can edit your HTML and markdown and test it all without leaving your IDE. Your preview will automatically reload whenever you edit the file – saving not required.
・Project/Folder/File Templates: Automate your workflow with templates for Python, Go, PHP and HTML, or create your own. You can even link to remote zip files on GitHub to hook projects into Komodo. Plus, with the new Project Wizard, you can bootstrap new projects with your favorite templates.
・Dependency Detector: Komodo automatically scans and detects third-party dependencies, giving you immediate insight on what works, and letting you further adjust as needed. Maintain control while minimizing configuration time.
・Universal Package Manager: Access your package manager with one button and run commands directly within the editor, with support for Python (pip), PHP (Composer), Ruby (Gem) and Node.js (npm and Yarn).
・Clipboard Manager: Press shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + V (default keybindings) to bring up your last 10 clipboard entries. Convenient!
・Auto-Formatting: Auto-format a file on save, or access formatting options with a new sidebar button. Great for Go coding in particular.
・Updated Publishing: Publishing with Komodo 11 is a breeze. The updated interface helps you get started faster and see what files will be published at a glance.

Other Mentionables:

・More snippets, tutorials and userscripts for PHP (Drupal, Laravel, WordPress)
・Asynchronous remote files – work with remote files way faster
・JSHint 2.9.5 linting for enhanced JavaScript (ES6) support
・SDK availability
・Project template for Komodo add-ons
・User interface enhancements
・Refreshed, comprehensive documentation


・Added clipboard manager, allowing you to access the last 10 entries used on your clipboard.
・Codeintel: Alert user to restart on pref change. Fixes #2978.
・Colorpicker: The color picker is now draggable on Windows – fixes #2036.
・Color Scheme: Added @editor-font variable to LESS.
・Console: fixed autocomplete popup being under some elements – fixes #1315 (#2469).
・Console: Show scrollbar and make sure it doesn’t overlap text.
・Dbgp: Python: Fix encoding error on non-UTF8-encoded operating systems when trying to start debugging – fixes #2480.
・Debugging: Implemented print statement debugging.
・Debugging: Fix file “unavailable for debugging” for Chrome Debugging on Windows – fixes #2243.
・Dialogs (SDK): add generic open dialog. Supports arbitrary button values.
・Docs: Komodo now integrates with, allowing you to quickly search right from your editor.
・Docs: Removed the documentation scope, it’s being succeeded by integration.
・DomViewer: Removed the dom viewer, this functionality now exists within the symbol list.
・Dynamic Toolbar: Fail gracefully when trying to get a local URI From a remote dir.
・Editor: Auto edit delimiters now cancels sooner – fixes #2395.
・Editor: Can’t set breakpoints on Windows. Fixes #2724.
・Editor: Cancel matching element multi-caret when moving the caret.
・Editor: Cancel out of automatic multi-caret sessions by pressing ESC.
・Editor: Collapse multiple selection when selecting beyond matched delimiter – fixes #2367.
・Editor: Do not restrict caret at X columns from right – fixes #2389.
・Editor: fix htmlTagRelocator crash fixes #1153.
・Editor: Fix matching tag editing firing on partial selections.
・Editor: Fix position being offset improperly on macOS, Windows – fixes #3123.
・Editor: Indentation detection has been simplified – fixes #2673.
・Editor: Place fold margin behind the other margins (closest to code).
・Find: Removed searching in scope from Find, this functionality will return in Komodo 11.1.
・Folder Templates: can’t download remote templates on Windows.
・Formatters: Attempt to maintain caret position when invoking a formatter.
・Formatting: You can now choose to format files when they are saved. A new dynamic sidebar button has been added to give quick access to formatting settings.
・Go to Anything: Made significant improvements to the UX to make navigation more intuitive.
・Go to Anything: Consider directory depth when sorting results – fixes #2718.
・Go to Anything: files show and open in places not working. Fixes #2973.
・Go to Anything: Fix files not opening if they have a space in the path – fixes #2089.
・Go to Anything: Fix most relevant results not always showing in combined scope.
・Go to Anything: Packages: Fix broken packages scope. Fixes #2534.
・Go to Anything: Prioritize file matches over open files (tabs).
・Go to Anything: Prioritize file matches over symbol matches.
・Go to Anything: Shell Scope: add Drupal’s Drush scope.
・Go to Anything: Shell: Always sort “Run Command” on bottom if used from combined scope.
・Commands: Fix commands failing if no file is open – fixes #2242.
・Go: Don’t depend on the user to open a Go file to set the Go preferences – fixes #2418.
・Go: Don’t validate the GOLANG path, just use what the user set – fixes #2413.
・Go: Fix version parsing not working with ActiveGo – fixes #2412.
・Help: Logs window breaks if while still open. Fixes #1562.
・Httpinspector: New Rule dialog, fix “add”, “save”, “cancel” btns.
・Icons: Fileicons have been updated to properly match their 14×14 canvas, some icons have been entirely replaced in the process.
・Icons: The places widget now shows folder icons again, as requested by the community.
・Interpolate: Fix Interpolate interface. Fixes #2368.
・Keybindings: rmv unsupported codeintel keybindings.
・Keybindings: update Code Browser cmd name to symbolBrowser.
・Komodo: improper notify SDK usage.
・Komodo: No longer import Edit profiles if found. Fixes #2843.
・Komodo’s siloed Python now includes the setuptools module.
・Kopy: Can’t share on fixes #2796.
・Linting: Don’t show in notification panel – fixes #2783.
・Linting: jshint updated to version 2.9.5 – fixes #2479 #1890.
・Mozilla: Komodo now users ES6 by default.
・Notify: debug notification id only when calling hideNotification with arguments – fixes #2120 (#2172).
・Packages: Can’t install packages on Windows. Fixes #2700.
・Packages: You can now enable/disable addons (including system addons).
・Performance: Significantly improved typing speed (no more slight delays) – fixes #2423.
・Performance/Stability: Komodo’s modules now live on the top window, preventing modules from being loaded redundantly.
・PHP: Add PHP 7.0 & 7.1 debug bits – Profiling not supported.
・PHP: drop PHP < 5.4 support.
・Places: Can’t drag’drop folders in Places. Fixes #2682.
・Places: proxy key password to main thread. Fixes #2082.
・Prefs: fix Project and File prefs not loading properly.
・Prefs: remove default doctype pref. Fixes #2988.
・Prefs: Server prefs not migrated to new profile. Fixes #2867.
・Preview: Added the preview feature, allowing you to preview the html/markdown code you’re working on (auto-updates while typing).
・Profiler: fix spelling mistake in Profiler. Fixes #2490.
・Project Template: Loading template has \ seperators. Fixes #3026.
・Project Wizard: Not all templates were loading.
・Project Wizard: Can’t read progress msg. Fixes #2961.
・Project Wizard: Can’t use Templates. Fixes #2996.
・Project Wizard: OSX new project menu not working. Fixes #2912.
・Projects: Add Project Wizard for Komodo project creation.
・Publishing: config validation way too aggressive: Fixes #2877.
・Publishing: Dialog crashes if diff missing remote. Fixes #2608.
・Publishing: Label all sync columns. Fixes #2910.
・Publishing: Publishing dialog overhaul of UX.
・Publishing: publishing UI state takes too long to update.
・Remote File: don’t hang when return focus to Komodo. Fixes #70.
・SCC: Fix commit dialog committing all files after “max files” was reached – fixes #2293.
・SCC: History: Don’t limit results when searching.
・SDK: Add require.resolve method.
・SDK: can’t create folder select dialog. Fixes #2840.
・SDK: Code intel couldn’t start when Komodo installed in dir with spaces.
・SDK: Editor: Fix scintilla positioning not consdering HiDPI on Gnome – fixes #128.
・SDK: Editor: Position should be based on character, not column – fixes #2351.
・SDK: Improved module loading performance by caching more agressively.
・SDK: Removing ko/wizard SDK. ko/ui/wizardpage remains.
・SDK: Share: Move share options to a menu for diff and log windows.
・SDK: shell: exec now does a lookup for the binary used – fixes #2594.
・SDK: UI: All DOM elements added through the UI SDK now have a ._sdk property.
・SDK:ui: allow list item creation using strings.
・SDK:ui:radiogroup: Support adding radio buttons dynamically.
・Slack: ‘Share on Slack’ failed due to missing attributes obj in UI SDK element.
・Slack: channel cache reset after 5 mins. Fixes #2359.
・Slack: Couldn’t open or load slack auth window.
・Slack: dialog won’t size for different font prefs fixes #2360.
・Startup Wiz: Getting Started tutorial not starting. Fixes #2842.
・Startup Wizard: Add dependency configuration page.
・Startup Wizard: broken resource links. Fixes #2541.
・Startup Wizard: Dependencies scrollbar overlaps Browse button. Fixes #2931.
・Startup Wizard: Let dependcies load before allow page change. Fixes #2815.
・Startup Wizard: reload dependencies, don’t append. Fixes #2860.
・Startup Wizard: Succint, always present messaging in scanner. Fixes #2812.
・Statusbar: fixed a bug when you can’t open the encoding menu for files – fixes #1747 (#2468).
・Syntax checking: Fix syntax checking sometimes being disabled on new files for no apparent reason.
・Templates: Remove “save project as template” legacy mechanic and remove “My Templates” folder mechanic – fixes #2830.
・Toolbox: Add import WordPress tool suite.
・Toolbox: Add Laravel tool suite.
・Toolbox: Can’t progress through Toolbox and SCC tutorials.
・Toolbox: Add Drupal Usercripts.
・Toolbox: Add markdown template. Fixes #15.
・Toolbox: Add Rails setup tutorial.
・Toolbox: Add templates for major languages. Fixes #2759.
・Toolbox: can’t get template attributes sometimes. Fixes #3022.
・Toolbox: Can’t import tools with UTF-8 chars. fixes #2754.
・Toolbox: cmd_expandAbbrev doesn’t return all abbrevs fixes #2384.
・Toolbox: Combine icon picker functionality into a single button.
・Toolbox: Converting old tutorials does not include logic. Fixes #2743.
・Toolbox: Don’t import README.txt for templates. Fixes #2870.
・Toolbox: Drag N Drop tools copies rather than moves. Fixes #2912.
・Toolbox: File Templates don’t support interpolation. Fixes #2991.
・Toolbox: fix komodotool files saving with added content. Fixes #2463.
・Toolbox: fix sublime snippet import on Linux and OSX fixes #2471.
・Toolbox: Implemented folder templates.
・Toolbox: import fails if a parent folder already exists. fixes #2781.
・Toolbox: import of file templates failing.
・Toolbox: import Print Debug tools. Fixes #2760.
・Toolbox: Most komodo tools are now saved in a new portable clean format.
・Toolbox: notify about tool import process.
・Toolbox: Remove dated info for Drupal tools. Fixes #2934.
・Toolbox: Tutorials are missing logic. Fixes #2742.
・Toolbox: Tutorials: Tutorials can’t start. Fixes #2708.
・Toolbox: typo in Laravel tools. Fixes #2949.
・Toolbox: undeclared variable on snippet save: fixes #2375.
・Toolbox: Upgrade: Snippets trigger on language property.
・Toolbox: use isAutoAbbrev variable. Fixes #2373.
・Trackchanges: Fix panel not hiding if share button was used.
・Tutorials: Add Drupal setup tutorial.
・Tutorials: EJS compilation failing. Fixes #2892.
・UI: Fix black borders around dialogs on Windows.
・UI: Fix checkboxes not showing on some lists – fixes #2387.
・UI: Fix dialog sizing and odd black border around dialogs in windows – fixes #2436, fixes #2445.
・UI: Fix language icons not showing in dropdown (regression) – fixes #2279.
・UI: Fix tooltip appearing over other applications windows – fixes #1810.
・UI: Give Komodo windows a colored border so they contrast well on top of other windows – fixes #2400.
・UI: Increased the contrast between dark colors on the default color scheme – fixes #1802.
・UI: Maintain sort order when filtering trees.
・UI: Reduce top-padding of toolbar when maximized, fixing menu not being accessible at times.
・UI: Reorder some of the places context menu items to be more sensible.
・UI: Side bar sections are now colored differently.
・UI: Update links for move komodo sites. Fixes #2542.
・Unittest: Fix issue where pytest would not show details or errors on some items.
・Unittest: Optimize UI performance when running lots of tests – fixes #2364.
・Universal Package Manager: Package manager integrations are now accessible from the side bar.
・Userscripts: Improve error reporting on malfunctioning userscripts.
・UX: Added a version check window, which will notify people if a new major version of Komodo is available.
・VCS: Fix commit widget not reloading properly – fixes #2071.
・Window: dialogs don’t size to content. Fixes #2493.
・Windows: Associate *.kkf & *.ksf files with Komodo. Fixes #2607.
・Windows: Associate *.ktf files with Komodo. Fixes #2607.



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