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Kite Compositor 1.9

2018-04-03   Graphics & Design

Kite compositor animation and prototyping for macos and ios icon
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Created on 2018-04-03 16:27:42
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Descriptions for Descriptions for Kite Compositor 1.9

Name: Kite
Version: 1.9
Developer: Rhodes Software
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: macOS 10.12 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K’ed (TNT)

Web Site:


Prototyping application provides intuitive tools to create animated interfaces for macOS or iOS projects within a WYSIWYG environment

Kite offers you the possibility to work on the design of iOS and Mac applications in a WYSIWYG environment and create animations depicting how everything is supposed to work without writing any code.

Once you are satisfied with the project, you can record yourself interacting with the prototype and export the capture to an MOV video file or a GIF. This way you can present functions to others in no time.

Design desktop or mobile applications with the help of intuitive tools

To help you get started, Kite comes with a collection of project templates so you can start working on prototypes for phone (iPhone, iPhone Plus, iPhone 4 inch, Android), tablet (iPad or iPad Pro), watch (42mm or 38mm), TV (HD), or desktop (small, medium, large) applications in no time.

Moreover, Kite also comes with a collection of examples that you can explore to understand how everything works and what you can accomplish using the prototyping utility.

Within the Kite editing area, you get to work with multiple layers and access the built-in items library that enables you to add text, shapes, pages, videos, actions, scripts and various other elements with simple drag and drop actions. Naturally, each element can be customized and adjusted to match your project.

Interact with the animations and create presentation videos or GIFs

Kite offers you the possibility to include animations into your project and preview the effects while working on the design. What’s more, you get to activate the recording tool and capture the interaction: the resulting MOV or GIF files can be share with others with minimal effort.

Note that Kite allows you to decide on the recording duration, the region that is to be captured, the scale and framerate, and if the cursor or the mouse clicks should be included. The options are great if you want to present certain functions or interactions.

Worth mentioning is that the Kite project comes with a companion app for iOS which allows you to send the prototypes to actual devices and experiment with the designs with no restrictions.

Prototyping tool for iOS and Mac apps that also includes support for animations

To reduce the time spent on a project, Kite can import designs from Sketch and keep all the editable paths and text elements. As a result, within the Kite editor, you just have to define the interactions and create animations by making use of the built-in JavaScript engine.

Kite proposes a streamlined and intuitive WYSIWYG environment where you get to work on projects for mobile and desktop platforms without having to worry about the coding behind the functions.

What’s new in Kite 1.9

  • Support for Swift 4 Syntax for Kite’s code generation
  • Add support for importing, exporting, and previewing Core Animation archive files (.caar)
  • New: Support for Swift 4 Syntax for Kite’s code generation
  • New: Adds support for importing, exporting, and previewing Core Animation archive files (.caar)
  • New: Adds support for animating the ‘transform.scale.xy’ and ‘sublayerTransform.scale.xy’ keypaths
  • New: Adds new built-in isometric perspective transforms in the transform editor
  • New: Adds preference to turn off haptic trackpad feedback
  • Bug fix: Fixes a bug with Sketch import that could detach a page’s symbols during import.
  • Bug fix: Fixes small accidental layer drags that could occur when clicking rapidly on the canvas
  • Bug fix: Fixes bug in code generation where a Swift CIVector would not have its closing parenthesis.
  • Bug fix: Fixes a bug where dragged keyframes would be rounded to only one decimal place forcing them to snap to an incorrect position.
  • Bug fix: Negative speed timeline values now draw at with the correct duration.
  • Bug fix: Fixes a bug where the chosen source for a Map Layer Value action would not be saved when set via drag and drop.
  • Bug fix: Fixes an issue with the ‘Play at Begin Time?’ popup dialog where the dialog title didn’t match the action buttons
  • Change: Simplifies page-to-page animations by having the animated-to layer’s timeline start when the page appears on screen, not at the start of the initial presentation.
  • Change: Improves the script editor’s syntax highlighting for single quotes and backticks.
  • Change: Small tweaks to the app’s toolbar to make it more visually appealing



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