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KeyCue 9.3


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Descriptions for KeyCue 9.3 MacOS

KeyCue has always been a handy tool for learning and remembering keyboard shortcuts. With a simple keystroke or click, KeyCue displays a table with all available keyboard shortcuts, system-wide hotkeys, as well as key combinations for triggering macros in Keyboard Maestro, QuicKeys and iKey.

A completely new action that can be assigned to a trigger is to show a collection of your frequently used URLs. Simply define your own favorite URL collection together with your preferred triggers, and you are ready to use KeyCue for quickly showing a table of your URLs and invoking them with a single click. The mechanism has been designed in a flexible way to support further extensions in the future. So the URL collection is just the beginning of other actions that will be included in future versions of KeyCue.

See. View available keyboard shortcuts based on application by pressing the Command key.

Do. Simply type out the desired shortcut upon finding the appropriate action.

Learn. Develop into an efficient power user by remembering repeated shortcuts or discovering previously unknown actions.

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit

Web Site:

What’s New in KeyCue 9.3

  • Internal cleanup of code that is no longer needed.
  • The diagnostics report is now a public feature in the About window.
  • Extended system information in contact messages and the diagnostics report.
  • Internal reorganization of localizations ensures compatibility with future versions of macOS.
  • KeyCue leaves URLs in URL collections exactly as written and no longer “escapes” special characters.
  • URLs in URL collections can be optionally enclosed in quote characters.
  • Improved handling of situations where a copy of KeyCue was already running when a new instance was launched.
  • Fixes a problem with incorrect placement of emoji symbols in rare situations.
  • Emoji characters are slightly larger and therefore easier to distinguish.
  • Fixes a problem with URLs that contain ‘#’.



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