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KeyCue 8.6.0


Name KeyCue_8.6_[sn].zip
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Created on 2017-11-15 01:42:38
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Files KeyCue_8.6_[sn].zip (4.56 MB)

Descriptions for KeyCue 8.6.0

Name: KeyCue
Version: 8.6
Released: Nov 14th, 2017
Developer: Ergonis
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later

Includes: Serial

Web Site:


Makes it very simple and quick to get a quick overview of any app’s keyboard shortcuts and to quickly activate any of them via a pop-up dialog

Most Mac applications come with a collection of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to trigger various actions. These hotkeys are designed to improve your productivity level, but you must manage to memorize them beforehand.

KeyCue is a small Mac utility designed to streamline the entire process by quickly displaying a panel that lists all the supported hotkeys for the currently active utility. This way, you will be able to memorize them a lot faster.

Painless to install tool for finding and learning keyboard shortcuts

The KeyCue installation procedure resumes to double clicking the item included in the KeyCue mounted image disk: the installer will automatically copy the utility to the Applications directory.

It is also important to note that you must also allow KeyCue to control your computer: open the System Preferences and check the appropriate box in the Accessibility panel.

KeyCue resides in your status bar and you get to easily access the hotkeys panel by clicking the app’s icon or by using yet another keyboard shortcut: right click on top of the menu bar icon to access the KeyCue Preferences and view all the activation methods.

Quickly personalize the KeyCue panel via flexible themes

The KeyCue app comes with 8 different themes that can be applied to the hotkey panel in no time. Via the Preferences window you can easily preview the themes and adjust the transparency level for the KeyCue window.

The same area allows you to disable the KeyCue status bar menu, to adjust the delay period before the activation hotkeys kick in, to select the layout mode for the keyboard combinations, to set up custom hotkeys for certain applications, and more.

Straightforward solution for visualizing and learning keyboard combinations specific to each application

All in all, KeyCue is a must-have app for your Mac if you plan to improve your productivity by taking advantage of the hotkeys supported by your applications.

Moreover, the KeyCue activation methods are available system wide so you get to quickly see a complete keyboard shortcuts list for any utility installed on your Mac in no time.

What’s new in KeyCue 8.6.0

November 14th, 2017

  • New Tioga theme with light text on dark background.
  • New version of the Tenaya theme, now with Apple's UI font on Yosemite and newer.
  • KeyCue now uses BBEdit instead of TextWrangler as the default editor for theme definitions.
  • Optimization of internal Trigger/Action representation, in preparation for future extensions.
  • KeyCue now always creates the template URL file if it does not exist.
  • Faster drawing of themes with gradients.
  • Avoids unwanted invocation when modifier keys are pressed while moving the mouse.
  • Fixes an inconsistency in the sort order of themes when multiple theme names begin with the same word.
  • Cleaned up relics of previous French and German localizations.
  • Fixes an error that caused update checks via the menu bar icon to fail.
  • Fixes an update problem when a previous version of KeyCue was installed in a folder that no longer exists.
  • Fixes a potential memory leak.
  • Internal cleanup of gradient-related code that is no longer needed.