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Keyboard Maestro 7.2

2016-06-27   Utilities

Keyboard Maestro
Name Keyboard Maestro 7.2
Size 22.60 MB
Created on 2016-06-25 11:58:27
Hash 83b1dc626db5164ab602f119e102450a39a8388f
Files Keyboard Maestro 7.2.dmg (22.60 MB)

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Name: Keyboard Maestro
Version: 7.2
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: K'ed

Web Site:

Keyboard Maestro is your hot-key solution that allows you to perform a multitude of tasks simply by pressing a keystroke! It also incorporates the wildly popular MacOS Classic utility Program Switcher, which allows you to launch, switch, and quit applications with a simple keystroke.

• Macro
• Program and window switcher
• Clipboard switcher
• Clipboard history switcher

Launch Applications
Launch any application at the touch of a key. Show applications, hide them, bring them to the front, all at your command.

Insert Text
Insert any kind of text. Keyboard Maestro can type it in for you, or it can paste in styled text or images. Easily insert your name, address, logo, signature, whaetever.

Use Text Tokens
Use all sorts of expressive tokens like today's date in any format, window positions, wireless networks, Safari document URL and much more.

Clipboard History
Keyboard Maestro keeps a complete history of your clipboards, so you’ll never lose your clipboard again. Copy three things, then paste them all into another application.

Click the Mouse
Move, click, double click and drag, any button, optionally with modifiers anywhere on the screen or in a window, and more.

Manipulate Windows
Resize, reposition, bring to front, close, zoom, minimize and more. Position windows exactly where you want them.

Menus and Buttons
Press a button, select a menu, and now you can show a menu leaving it open for you to select the desired item.

Control iTunes
Play a specific song or playlist, play, pause or stop, rewind or fast forward, set the rating or the volume. And similarly for QuickTime Player.

Display macros in palettes (like toolbars) so you can easily select from a number of options. Make your own custom interfaces.

Record Macros
Show Keyboard Maestro how to do something. You can also record Quick Macros on the fly for immediate playback.

Open a file, folder, application, URL, system preference pane, the current Finder selection or even the CD tray.

Keyboard Maestro can show notifications, display alerts, prompt for extra information, beep, speak, or play a sound.

Execute Scripts
Execute AppleScripts, or shell scripts like perl, python or ruby. Execute Automator workflows, or filter your clipboard with BBEdit Text Factories.

Built in Flow Control
Use While or Until loops, For Each loops, Repeat loops, If Then Else conditionals, Pause Until and other powerful constructs.

File Actions
Move, copy, rename, trash, delete files. Read and write images and styled text in a variety of formats.

Image Actions
Screen capture, find an image on the screen, flip, rotate, resize, trim, crop images and even draw shapes and text.

What's New in Version 7.2:
• Added token variable array access like %Variable%Var[5]%
• Added 'is before' and 'is after' to Clipboard, Text, Script, Environment Variable and Variable conditions.
• Added 'is before' and 'is after' to Switch case action.
• Added CALCULATE() function which processes token text and then calculates.
• Added CHARACTERS(), WORDS(), LINES() functions which process token text.
• Added trigger: and hotkey: search filter.
• Added name: search filter.
• Added Evergreen palette theme thanks to @iampariah on the forum.
• Added Reopen Windows option to Application Switcher.
• Clipboards display plain text when rich text is blank and plain text is not.
• Use canonical order of modifiers with Smart Group searching.
• Allow Private Use Characters (like ) in Typed String triggers.
• Make the All Macros Smart Group immutable.
• Macros take on the icon of the action if there is a single non-comment icon.
• Add “Delay” as synonym for Pause/Wait when searching for actions.
• Better file name for exports of more than one macro. 
• Show calculation in Set Variable to Calculation title.
• Support text token expansion in Substrings In collection.
• Focus on key input field when Type a Keystroke action is added but not when disclosed.
• Defend against a crash when the system cannot find a running application.
• Added Write/Append File action disable backslash or text token processing option.
• Added Insert/Display Text action disable backslash or text token processing option.
• Added Set Clipboard to Text action disable backslash or text token processing option.
• Fixed Set Variable to Text action disable backslash or text token processing option.
• Fixed code signing issue for macOS sierra.
• Fix wiki help links for File and Plug In actions.
• Fix variables with unicode characters in calculations.
• Fixed an issue with the rotating status icon when the editor was also performing tasks.
• Avoid filling the log up complaining about missing optional Results field in Plug In actions.
• Fixed a display glitch in Plug In actions.
• Deleting the first item of the clipboard history did not fire the (/trigger/Clipboard Changed) trigger.
• Adjust Prompt for User Input action to not set default keys for incorrectly “Cancel Macro” flagged buttons.
• Fixed a bug in the Typed String trigger after a simulated delete and optional non-ASCII character. 
• Use localizedStandardCompare for palette ordering.
• Added %ExecutingThisMacro%, % ExecutingThisMacroGroup%, % ExecutingThisMacroUUID% tokens.
• Added %FinderInsertionLocation% token (usually path to front Finder window).
• Fixed an issue tracking window changes immediately after the app is launched.
• Fixed Set Action Delay action for This Macro to apply to the whole macro, not just the action list.
• Fixed issue with %TriggerValue% token for the Focused Window trigger.
• Fixed Set Macro Enable action not causing palettes to adjust.
• Fixed Press Command, Press Tab, Release Command, Release Tab bug.
• Fixed line count to include blank lines.
• Fix spelling of 'focused'.



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