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JetBrains RubyMine 2017.2.1


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Name RubyMine 2017.2.1.dmg
Size 273.7 MB
Created on 2017-08-21 04:11:27
Hash 345a0bbf928ea9225854016c87520e4cd4f2157d
Files RubyMine 2017.2.1.dmg (273.7 MB)

Descriptions for JetBrains RubyMine 2017.2.1

Name: RubyMine
Version: 2017.2.1
Released: Aug 9th, 2017
Developer: JetBrains
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.8 or later

Includes: Patch

Web Site:


A powerful and intuitive IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails that features smart code completion, on-the-fly code analysis and refactoring support

RubyMine is a versatile and user-oriented Ruby and Ruby on Rails IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA platform that provides a long list of tools and features designed to improve and speed up your workflow.

Well-thought out IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails

RubyMine comes with a fully-featured Ruby code editor that is constantly aware of dynamic language specifics in order to provide intelligent smart coding assistance, smart code refactoring and code analysis capabilities.

Moreover, coding has never been easier with automatic syntax and on-the-fly error highlighting, lambda syntax, local variables semantics and more.

In addition, RubyMine is capable to automatically style Ruby code thanks to brace matching and foldings, indentation, custom formatting and TODO marks.

Numerous color schemes for your code

The provided color schemes enable you to make your code easy to read thanks to the carefully selected colors for Ruby statements, comments, keywords and other language elements, as well as multiple color schemes.

RubyMine’s code editor also features a smart code completion for the Ruby language and offers intelligent Ruby statements and keywords completion, automatic completion of built-in methods, correct filtering of static and instance members in auto completion and more.

Easily check your project structure and test your apps

Furthermore, RubyMine brings quick Model-View-Controller navigation options, dedicated ROR project structure views, as well as HTML, JavaScript and CSS editing support, advanced web development tools and everything you might need to create state of the art web apps.

RubyMine seamlessly integrates RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda and Test::Unit in addition to a smart UI for writing, running and navigating tests. Consequently, you can fine-tune the application code and breakpoint Ruby code as well as RHTML code.

On top of all that, the RubyMine IDE is also compatible with most modern VCS and SCMs and, as a result provides a unified UI for Git, Subversion, Perforce, Mercurial, CSV and other similar versioning services.

What’s New JetBrains RubyMine 2017.2.1
No subsystem:

Bug: RUBY-19709: RVM gemset is being lost on project reopening
Bug: RUBY-19869: RubyMine freeze on paste


Bug: RUBY-19775: Ruby by default is Ruby 2.4.0 instead 2.4.1


Feature: RUBY-19336: Add option to rename files from tabs

Remote Interpreters:

Bug: RUBY-19815: Port setting is ignored when running docker-compose app in debug mode

Ruby. Formatter:

Feature: RUBY-10510: Add option to add spacing around other operators, such as = and ==
Bug: RUBY-19806: wrong indent of comments in private def methods


Bug: RUBY-19813: Can’t run built-in rspec anymore

No subsystem:

Bug: IDEA-175429: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.WindowManagerImpl.allocateFrame
Bug: IDEA-173669: IOException from get / put / append should set corrupted state for PersistentHashMap
Bug: IDEA-176128: 2017.2 Can’t load project with character “|” in its name


Bug: IDEA-175822: Wrong autocompletion for extra_hosts
Bug: IDEA-171581: Certificates folder does not exist at ~/.docker
Bug: IDEA-175675: Docker. The connection to docker-machine hangs in case of pointing tcp instead of https in API Url
Bug: IDEA-175930: Cannot Use Docker Plugin in Offline Environment
Bug: IDEA-175412: DockerCompose: IllegalArgumentException at clicking on the yml option names, which has additional spaces before it
Bug: IDEA-175065: Docker: changing port bindings for the running container leads to the container deleting
Bug: IDEA-175355: Docker: [windows] docker-compose deployment fails without COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS
Bug: IDEA-171286: Docker: DockerView: Delete Attach(Websocket) item from the context menu
Bug: IDEA-174913: Docker Settings: F1 navigates to “Clouds”, should navigate to “Docker” help page
Usability: IDEA-171124: Docker: Connect. Error message should be visible completely on the right part of the view

Editor. Editing Text:

Bug: IDEA-175202: Permanent header component + virtual space enabled = first line is hidden by the header

IDE Configuration:

Bug: IDEA-174644: Save as Live Template does nothing if block has leading space or tab
Cosmetics: IDEA-167417: SQL Dialect Settings: change the text


Bug: IDEA-176004: erroneous “Nested different indices processing” detection

Project Configuration:

Bug: IDEA-174384: Unloading Modules: after all modules are unloaded it is impossible to load them back

User Interface:

Bug: IDEA-173369: Tabs limited to 2 when 1 is set
Bug: IDEA-173740: Too small font in search textbox

Version Control. Git:

Bug: IDEA-174332: “Couldn’t unstash” notification is incomplete


Bug: WEB-27507: Can’t debug TypeScript with webpack-dev-server in a big project
Bug: WEB-27649: Breakpoints in Web Workers don’t work
Usability: WEB-27608: Start a new instance of Chrome when running react-native
Exception: WEB-25131: Throwable when debug karma in angular-cli app


Bug: WEB-26878: Class name is incorrectly marked as unused in class expression
Bug: WEB-12847: ‘Inline local variable’ JS refactoring highlights too much
Bug: WEB-27759: Color syntax error in React reducer
Bug: WEB-27743: Do not auto import from .d.ts files from libraries in JavaScript files
Bug: WEB-25040: Make className string attribute selection behave like class attribute
Bug: WEB-27732: Pasting an expression in a template string adds unnecessary backslash
Bug: WEB-27837: 2017.2 – Go to Declaration, Go to Implementation is broken
Bug: WEB-24910: Auto importing a flow type does not add “type” after “import”
Bug: WEB-27658: JavaScript auto import should respect webpack aliases
Bug: WEB-26013: React Props do not get resolved when doing a direct named re-export
Bug: WEB-27666: Flow: union optional type used as arrow function return type is not parsed correctly
Performance: WEB-27562: Indexing of Javascript files takes 30+minutes, hangs Intellij on exit
Task: WEB-27627: JS Stub/Tree mismatch after “Negate” intention invocation on a garbage code

JavaScript. Formatter:

Bug: WEB-27689: ES2015: Reformat Code produces incorrect indent with JSDOC + computed property

JavaScript. Frameworks:

Feature: WEB-18545: React: support import/export as syntax
Bug: WEB-19028: IDE suggests make ‘Render’ method static
Bug: WEB-21735: Coding assistance for props in React is not working when props are defined in separate file.
Bug: WEB-27671: Closure Compiler goog.provide/require support
Bug: WEB-27896: React component props no longer autocomplete
Bug: WEB-23999: IDEA parameter suggestion doesn’t properly detect React component properties depending on code structure
Bug: WEB-27629: Closure Compiler. Strings should highlights separately
Bug: WEB-27882: React: propTypes completion doesn’t work for material-ui components
Performance: WEB-27766: Slowdown when working on large php / vuejs projects

JavaScript. Inspections:

Bug: WEB-14957: No usages not marked
Bug: WEB-20525: JSCS: remove outdated rules from completion
Bug: WEB-26180: Invalid ‘Unused assignment’ in JS catch()
Bug: WEB-6099: Parameter is not highlighted as unused if its name is present in a string literal
Bug: WEB-27625: magic number – false interpretation

JavaScript. Refactoring:

Bug: WEB-25380: Cannot rename in ES6 binding
Bug: WEB-27599: JavaScript consecutive refactoring on “Replace with template string ” does unwanted escaping
Bug: WEB-27656: JavaScript “Create method” refactoring doesn’t add ‘static’ method qualifier when class is defined in another file


Bug: WEB-27868: ESLint: linting is not enabled in .vue files
Bug: WEB-27734: JSHint: update bundled version to 2.9.5
Bug: WEB-27253: TSLint: errors are not highlighted in editor if the project directory is a junction


Bug: WEB-27523: Notification about successful downloading is too big


Bug: WEB-27321: Generated source files should not be edited


Bug: WEB-27677: JSX/TSX editing auto-complete and existing imports broken (flashing)
Bug: WEB-27513: Typescript. Auto-importing with TS’s path mapping leads to circular dependency
Bug: WEB-27737: Typescript auto import should use closest path from tsconfig

IDE General:

Bug: DBE-3157: 2016.3 EAP uses .DataGrip2016.2 folder as default place for Project Folder

User Interface:

Bug: DBE-4824: Modify Table dialog doesn’t show context


Bug: PY-25088: Remote Libraries for Docker interpreter are empty
Bug: PY-25077: Docker remote interpreter skeletons not copied correctly when image has Python PIP packages

Remote Interpreters:

Feature: PY-22787: Speed up skeleton generation for Docker & Docker Compose interpreters

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