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JetBrains CLion 2017.2.2


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Name CLion 2017.2.2 [p].zip
Size 304.9 MB
Created on 2017-09-05 23:27:23
Hash cbcf1880e4e3f767e7bde482fd5b994fd5f24ceb
Files CLion 2017.2.2 [p].zip (304.9 MB)

Descriptions for JetBrains CLion 2017.2.2

Name: CLion
Version: 2017.2.2
Released: Sep 1st, 2017
Developer: JetBrains
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.9.4 or later

Includes: Patch

Web Site:


A streamlined development environment that integrates a smart code editor, helps you analyze your projects on-the-fly, and offers CMake support

CLion is a cross-platform C and C++ IDE that has been built on the Intellij platform and offers you the possibility to work on your software projects in a clean, organized environment. CLion includes all you need to generate, debug, and compile code, to organize projects, or to test test them on various environments.

Easy to setup development environment that can handle popular programming languages

The CLion application is installed to your Mac with a simple drag and drop to the Applications directory. The first time you launch the utility you can easily import old settings files (in case you used the app before), you can choose the UI theme you want to employ (Default or Darcula), you get to specify the CMake and GDB executables you want to use, and to install custom plug-ins.

CLion comes with a well structured user interface that allows you to quickly browse the files included in your project, and open them in the editing area with a simple mouse click. Besides C and C++, CLion also allows you to edit JavaScript, XML, HTML, or CSS documents.

Manage your code by using different version control systems

CLion is able to communicate with most popular revision control tools, such as Git, Mercurial, or Perforce. As a result, you can easily import projects from version control, work on them within the smart editor, and use the CLion analysis and debugging tools to fix issues or integrate new functions.

Note that CLion comes with a code generator that offers you the possibility to save time: you can use keyboard shortcuts to add usual code lines. In addition, CLion can check your syntax in real time and underlines possible errors.

Streamlined C and C++ IDE that can help you write high quality code

CLion proposes efficient solutions that have the potential of improving your productivity while writing code: you can easily organize your projects, you have access to version control systems, you can use the built in smart editor and debugger to develop, analyze and correct code.

Additionally, you can expand the CLion capabilities by installing different plug-ins. To conclude, if you are looking for a well structured IDE for developing C or C++ projects, CLion can be a viable solution.

What’s new in CLion 2017.2.2

・This update brings a few enhancements to the Clang-Tidy integration and enables paste simple when paste from history.


・Use compile_commands.json for passing options to clang-tidy
・Allowto disableindividual checks in Clang-Tidy
・Allowto useexternal Clang-Tidy instead of the built-in one inCLion
・Suppress Clang-Tidy inspection for line by NOLINT comment

Bug Fixes:

・Heap allocating class with virtual destructor = default gives error "Instantiating abstract class"
・Update list of clang-tidy inspectionsclang-tidy inspections do not work because clang-tidy requires newerlibcand libstdc++
・CLion passes options to Clang-Tidy in incompatible form under MSVC toolchain


・Two separate CLion instance will not build simultaneously – "Waiting for the current build to finish…"

Project Model:

・Error icon appears on Cmake console configuration tabs after Reset Cache several times in a row


・Cannot move/resize diff view area of Commit Changesdialog

Editor. Editing Text:

・UTF-8 symbols (koreanandjapanese) incorrect appears in the debugger
・Multiple @since Javadoc tags are replaced with one on reformat
・Cannot open javascript files
・using spring indaolayer auto input a pair of braces
・Lag while typing

File System:

・FreeBSD-12, post ino64 update: no projects, config is not saved

Find, Replace, Find Usages:

・Find Refactoring Preview is not shownfirsttime

Settings Repository:

・Typing settings repository URL triggers path alert

User Interface:

・Navigate | File and Class popups disappear
・Incorrect terminology used to describe Jigsaw/JPMS features

Version Control:

・File status remains "changed" after the file is changed back to initial state
・Commitdialog: when the 'show right margin' option is off, but 'wrap when typing reaches right margin' is on, there is no wrapping
・Improve displays of multi-line commit messages in Changes Window

Version Control. Git:

・UI freeze after huge fetch

Version Control. Subversion :

・"more…" link is shown in Version Control > Repository while there is no more content

Version Control. TFS:

・TFS: Domain field should be disabled if Alternate auth type is used


・aborting commands in debug console


・Concurrency visualizer doesn't work with Python 3.6
・Variables in function called from loop stick after console started in debug mode


・False positive: comparing int and float, only left.__gt__(right) is checked, right.__lt__(left) is ignored
・Actual type of variable is lost after it's compared with None
・PyCharm thinks the Python version is 3.5 when using 3.7
・False positive: PyTypeChecker – Type Checking Error on Child of Metaclass Instance

Test Runner:

・Regression inunittestrunner if test removes its working directory
・Pyramid project test don't work


・False positive: "expression expected" for trailing comma after annotated function argument with default value


・Bulk Move operation only moves first item selected



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