If you can’t get Torrent file and Password

If you see the “AdBlock or Proxy/VPN Detected” on the download button or article page.
And if you Can’t get a Password for open the file(s) even Authentication has done.

These are caused by Your environment is blocking Advertisement and Cookies for some reasons.

When the advertisements are displayed, a cookie is set in your browser by ads scripts. Our site is checking whether or not there are these cookies on your browser.

Download link and password are generated only when these cookies are confirmed by our system.

So, when you can’t get Torrent file(s) and Password, please check your browser settings or environment.

For example…

*Some advertisements do not work if you are using a Proxy/VPN.


The causes are depends on the environment.

Again, to get Torrent file and Password, Advertisements are must be fully functional and allow access to cookies on your browser from our site.

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