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iDefrag 5.0.0

2015-03-29   Utilities

  • Name: iDefrag 5.0.0
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  • Created on: Sun Mar 15 09:04:05 2015
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Version: 5.0.0
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: OS X 10.10
Processor type(s) & speed: 1.5 Ghz
RAM minimum: 1 GB
Video RAM: -

Note: This version is compatible only with OS X 10.10 Yosemite and later.

Change Log

Overhauled, Yosemite-style UI - We’ve made iDefrag fit in with the latest version of Mac OS X.
Simpler, easier to understand statistics - The old statistics tab was dense and hard to understand. We’ve simplified and refined the information, and put it in the sidebar.
New “Selected Files” algorithm - You can now select multiple files and tell iDefrag to defragment them all at once.
Better handling of bad blocks - We’ve improved the way iDefrag deals with bad blocks; it will now tell you which file is affected and carry on with the rest of the disk.
New documentation - We’ve rewritten the documentation to make it easier to read.
Improved support for Retina displays - iDefrag will look even better on that new 5K iMac…

Link for more information:

Defragmentation & Optimization for Mac OS X

Every Mac user has noticed it; over time, your system slows down. This is particularly true in these days of constant security updates, as replacing operating system components not only increases file fragmentation, but also creates a more insidious problem—over time, the operating system itself ends up scattered all over your disk.

This, of course, doesn’t show up as fragmentation—after all, the files themselves are probably contiguous—but nevertheless, it takes your machine longer to start up, it takes programs longer to start, and it takes longer to get your work done.

iDefrag solves these problems and more, by defragmenting and optimizing your Mac’s filesystem.

iDefrag can only defragment HFS and HFS+ volumes (i.e. Mac disks). It will not defragment FAT or NTFS volumes; if you are using these for compatibility with Windows systems, please use a Windows-based defragmenter.

Do NOT use on SSD drives

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