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iClock Pro 4.7


Iclock pro customize your menubar clock icon
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Descriptions for iClock Pro 4.7 macOS

iClock replaces the old Apple’s default menu bar clock with more features, customization and increases your productivity.


  • Have your Apple or Google calendar instantly available from the menubar
  • 2 types of calendars (tiny or big calendars) accessible from the menubar to help you see and easily edit your schedule and events
  • From the menubar tap the Time to see the local time and important info for any cities in the world in a handy customizable menu
  • ‘Take 5’ is a break or pomadoro timer to remind office workers to take a few minutes to get up and more around or exercise for health
  • Have the day, date, and time in different fonts and colors in the menu bar
  • Global Scheduler: helps you arrange the timing of international meetings to fit everyone’s schedule
  • Set alarms instantly from the menubar for cooking eggs, making meetings, errands or anniversaries
  • Countdown timer, stopwatch, and floating clocks on your desktop
  • Floating clocks can be analog or digital. Analog has dozens of clockfaces
  • In all these miniapps customize the time/date in all the ways the Apple clock cannot
  • Add an Application menu to the menubar (like in OS 9) to allow seeing all running apps and switching to them
  • Customize BigCal colors, size, etc. to your liking add your favorite photo and print 1 to 12 month calendar for your wall or friends
  • All options above can be turned on or off and customized in hundreds of ways to meet your needs

iClock is about productivity but not just about business! Enjoy moon phases, chimes with sound effects like Big Ben or a cuckoo clock, and an application menu to see all running applications and switch to them.

Requirements Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.9 or later

Web Site:

What’s New in iClock Pro 4.7

  • Now both analog and digital floating clocks can go all the way to the top of the screen just below the menubar.
  • Reset all button now will totally reset the app back to the default settings. don’t push that button unless you want to lose all the customizations, new time & date formats, etc. you have made to the app. it is for situations where you really do want to reset iClock to it’s defaults.
  • The settings for custom date & time now includes more visible ways of using leading 0’s to construct new formats.



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