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Glyphs 2.4

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Name Glyphs 2.4
Size 20.74 MB
Created on 2016-11-19 11:23:03
Hash 01cc725615c0d36c4f6e176c59aaa9df400daa01
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Name: Glyphs for Mac
Version: 2.4
Release Date: 17 Nov 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.9.5 or later 
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

Includes: K

Web Site:

Install: Install Glyphs, open K .zip file double click on license, easy

Tested on Sierra.

Create Stunning Fonts
From dingbat webfonts to full-fledged text typefaces

Sketch your font
Take a pencil and sketch a few letters. With a few tricks, you can easily digitize your sketches, and, step by step, create a full-fledged OpenType font.

Tools for type
The smart vector tools are optimised for the design of typefaces. Interpolated nudging, curvature control, dragging multiple handles at once, adding extrema and inflections, batch editing: all supported straight out of the box.

All languages covered
Human-readable glyph names, combined with smart component placement, automatic alignment of diacritics, mark positioning, and Unicode 7 support, make Glyphs the number one choice for multilingual font development.

Isolation no more
Watch your words take shape in high resolution: The edit view doubles as a text editor, allowing you to draw, edit, space and kern your glyphs in a word context rather than isolated in windows.

Colors everywhere
Why stay monochromatic? Add color to your typographical life with the built-in multi-layer preview and specialized editing tools. Glyphs can export layer fonts, Microsoft-style color webfonts or Apple-style emoji fonts.

Effortless OpenType
Enjoy automatic OpenType features: Glyphs analyzes your glyph names and shapes, and can auto-build feature code for ligatures, figure sets, positional forms, localizations, fractions, stylistic sets, small caps, and many more.

What's New in Version 2.4 (939):
・Added Variable Fonts to File > Export, with support for multiple axes and Brace layers (intermediate deltas) 
・Compatibility with macOS Sierra 
・Improved Plugin Manager:should work for everyone now 
・Reopen last closed tab (Cmd-Opt-Shift-W, or hold down Option key with Window menu) 
・Added tooltips to warning icons in Font view glyph cells 
・iOS GlyphsViewer now asks for permission to show preview 
・Smart filters work on active layers only now 
・Added ‘Has Anchors’ to smart filter options 
・Warn user about CFF subroutinization problems when glyphs with many nodes are in the font 
・Prevent automatic text replacements in code entry UI 
・Print dialog now remembers page orientation 
・Improved performance of instance preview with a lot of text 
・Improved performance and stability of .glyphsproject documents 
・Improved double clicking in Font view 
・Improved handling of non-printing glyphs 
・Improved drag-reordering of sidebar elements 
・Fixed arrow key behaviour in Font Info > Masters > Metrics 
・Fixed and improved Edit > Compare Fonts 
・Fixed behaviour of Font Info and Macro windows in fullscreen mode 
・Fixed export of name id 4 
・Fixed fullscreen display of toolbar in OS X 10.9 
・Fixed issue with upper plane Unicodes in application services 
・Many more small fixes and improvements 
・Improved stability and performance

・Added ‘Close Open Paths’ to context menu:connects nearest open nodes 
・Properly set smoothness of nodes when adding or removing nodes 
・Opt-arrowing or Opt-dragging multiple off-curves now locks each point’s angle 
・Aligning an anchor will snap it to the background anchor of the same name 
・Grey preview letters for empty glyphs are now also visible in text mode 
・Show all glyphs that use this glyph as a component:now also works when Text tool is active 
・Select newly generated glyphs in Edit view 
・Glyph width is maintained after Edit > Clear 
・Transformation tools:origin now snaps to other objects 
・Improved performance of Round Corner filter 
・Layer duplicates do not carry the original layer name anymore 
・Edit > Select Sample Text now adds current string if selection was not moved before pressing OK 
・Improved stability and performance of clipboard operations 
・Fixed and improved Edit > Paste Special (including Undo) 
・Fixed glyph info for pasted glyphs 
・Fixed nudging (Ctrl-Opt dragging) with selected off-curve nodes 
・Fixed unresponsive Edit view after closing a tab 
・Fixed empty Edit view when Select All Layers tool is active 
・Fixed text reflow with spaces in Edit view 
・Fixed selection for Paste-Undo-Redo

・Disable incremental metrics key (e.g.,'+=10’) when there is an unaligned component 
・Kerning is now rounded to the grid 
・Update Metrics also works in the background layer 
・Custom kerning increments with defaults GSKerningIncrementLow and GSKerningIncrementHigh (no UI yet) 
・Custom spacing increments with defaults GSSpacingIncrementLow and GSSpacingIncrementHigh (no UI yet) 
・Improved preview of cursive attachment 
・Improved filtering in Window > Kerning 
・Improved precision of sidebearings 
・Improved vertical kerning

・Show guide measurements for components 
・Glyph > Make Component Glyph now finds accents with multiple suffixes (e.g., ‘’) 
・Add Corner now works with more than one selected node 
・QuickLook now supports corner and smart components 
・Automatically switch alignment when corner component is flipped 
・Also allow ‘_smart’ as possible name prefix for smart glyphs 
・Transform Filter does not scale components if base glyph is scaled 
・Prefer ‘.narrow’ or ‘.i’ variants of accents on glyphs with ‘i’ base glyph (e.g., itildebelow) 
・Allow 12 parameters in smart glyphs 
・Cap components are now included when paths are copied to the background 
・Proper handling of smart components in Brace layers 
・Improved handling of unattached cap and corner components 
・Improved Glyph > Make Component Glyph 
・Improved Glyph > Update Metrics with Brace layers and corners/caps 
・Improved Component from Selection dialog, added input validation 
・Improved handling of components in color layers 
・Improved Brace layers for nested components 
・Improved handling of self-referencing components 
・Auto-update metrics when base glyph of components has changed 
・Fixed subcategory for precomposed glyphs 
・Fixed resizing of smart components with dragging the bounding box 
・Fixed preview of auto-aligned components 
・Fixed a serious bug with smart components 
・Fixed path direction of flipped components in Preview 
・Fixed issue with partially aligned components and metrics keys 
・Fixed position of shine-through anchors in nested components 
・Fixed recalculation of metrics on adding components 
・Fixed cap components on start node 
・Fixed size of caps and corners when UPM is scaled

Color Layers 
・New custom parameter ‘Color Layers to SVG’ parameter exports a COLR/CPAL or Color-Layer setup as SVG 
・New custom parameters:‘Export COLR/sbix/SVG Table’ for control of color table generation 
・Render iColor layers in FontView 
・Reverted the rendering order of the color layer preview:now the first layer/master will be drawn last 
・Save image data opened from sbix fonts

OpenType Features 
・Use IgnoreMarks for Latin/Cyrillic/Greek kerning 
・Export mark feature code for all glyphs that have suitable anchors 
・Improved code for automatic smallcap features (including fallback to default for .loclXXX glyphs) 
・Added warning for invalid values in kern feature 
・Removed use of script tags in .case part of ccmp 
・Fixed generation of pcap feature 
・Fixed autogeneration of some OpenType feature (pres, kern) 
・Fixed some problems with Indic feature code 
・Remove alternate iMatras from pres feature code

・Allow Width value in Bracket layers, syntax:[weight value,width value] 
・Bracket layers don’t need a name any more, only the bracket with numbers [XX, XX] 
・Edit > Show All Masters now includes Brace and Bracket layers 
・Added Local Interpolation custom parameter to interpolate some glyphs differently, syntax:weight;width;custom; include:glyphnames 
・Fixed interpolation of corner components 
・Fixed interpolation of smart components 
・Fixed preview of interpolated corner components 
・Fixed interpolation of Metrics Keys 
・Resolved an issue with extrapolation

・Manual cropping of images by Cmd-Opt dragging a bounding box corner 
・You can now copy and paste images from Finder 
・Fixed cropped images

Languages and Glyph Data 
・Fixed and improved inter-script kerning 
・Improved feature code for accented Dutch IJ/ij 
・Added missing altName to jdotless 
・Fixed Georgian glyph info 
・Use last set writing direction in new tabs 
・Improved automatic Arabic/Farsi liga code 
・Improved preview of auto-aligned Arabic layers 
・Improve detection of glyph info in fonts with custom glyph names 
・Added Hebrew mark feature code 
・Support for handling Hebrew cantillation marks 
・Added Tifinagh to sidebar languages 
・Added Khmer script tag to mark features 
・Added default GSUB for ROS Adobe-Japan1-3 
・Fixed Unicode mappings to Adobe CMAPs (Corrected Japan1 CMAP) 
・Fixed export of CID font with glyphs that are not in the ROS 
・Fixed Japanese groups in sidebar 
・Many small additions to the GlyphData XML

User-Interface Languages 
・Added Turkish localization 
・Improved stability for Japanese and Finnish localizations 
・Fixed number key shortcuts (master switching, tab switching and Fit Curve) on French and Czech keyboards. 
・Updated Chinese localization 
・Updated Japanese localization (Thanks Toshi) 
・Updated Portuguese localization 
・Updated Spanish localization

・Implemented Delta instructions 
・Added info for Delta instructions 
・Added TTFZones custom parameter 
・Added the keys next to Caps Lock as shortcuts for TT instructions:a=Add Anchor, s=Add Stem, d=Add Diagonal, f=Add Align, g=Add Interpolation 
・Several fixes and improvements in the TrueType tool 
・Improved rendering and export of TrueType instructions 
・Improved automatic TT stem selection 
・Fixed selection of first stem in TT tool 
・Fixed TT preview image size in 10.9 
・Fixed TT preview of active master

・Use zopfli compression for WOFF 
・Fixed wrong warning about duplicate instances on webfont export

・New custom parameter ‘Decompose Glyphs’ controls components affected by ‘Rename Glyphs’ 
・New custom parameter ‘Disable autohinting for glyphs’ (works only for CFF) 
・Allow spaces in Value strings of Filter parameters 
・Changed behaviour of ‘Keep Glyphs’ parameter:now activates non-exporting glyphs when listed 
・Fixed export of ‘Name Table Entry’ and ‘copyright’ parameters 
・Store ‘Disable Last Change’ in ufo.lib 
・Fixed order of classes and prefix for UFO export 
・Fixed import of Unicodes from ufo 
・Fixed a small issue when importing ROS 
・Fixed AFM and PFM import 
・Fixed import of PFB files, including components 
・Fixed import of OpenType fonts 
・Fixed import of CFF fonts with flex hints 
・Fixed glyph names of imported OTF/TTF files 
・Fixed import of style name

・Much improved AppleScript support 
・Allow setting font size for Macro window:Glyphs.intDefaults["MacroCodeFontSize"] = 13 
・Added a few things to the Python wrapper (including MOUSEMOVED notification) 
・Some fixes for the Python wrapper (slicing, remove overlap, userdata, color and 
・Improved handling of exceptions in Python code 
・Tab.text() give more chars and less escaped names 
・decomposedCopy also decomposes corners/caps 
・Glyphs accepts files handled by plugins when they are dragged on the app icon 
・Workaround for NSBundle bug in Python plugins 
・Fixed headers in GlyphsCore.framework 
・Fixed GSGlyph.lastChange 
・Fixed __contains__ for font.glyphs and customParameter 
・Fixed export of fsType if set through a script 
・Fixed layer.getPen() 
・Fixed stuck Macro window 

What’s New in Glyphs 2.0



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