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FrozenPlain Colourform V.2.0 KONTAKT


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NameFrozenPlain Colourform V.2.0 KONTAKT
Size410.6 MB
Created on2016-09-17 03:45:59
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Colourform is a Kontakt 5 sample library of picturesque organic sounds. The library explores the link between sound and colour offering a unique inspirational experience. Each patch features 12 different sounds, that are each assigned a colour. These can then be blended and mixed in real time to produce new colours. Rather than standard knobs and sliders, this concept allows for a more visual link between what you see and what you hear.

Colourform is a Kontakt 5.1 sample library designed for making atmospheric and unusual sounds in a different way. Rather than standard sliders and knobs, Colourform uses colours to blend sounds. The core of the Colourform engine is the 3 unique colour wheels which are similar to oscillators in a synth. Using these controls creating new sounds is incredibly easy.

The 112 sounds of Colourform are wide atmospheric recordings from abstract sources, such as pitchforks, glass bowls, creaky gates, spanners, rain and thunder, fire, water, miscellaneous metal, CRT screens, bowed glass and plucked strings.

Colourform has recently been updated to version 2.0. It features drastic improvements to the voice handling meaning it is better on your CPU. It also includes a whole new panel that contains ADSR, filter and volume controls for each individual layer. On top of that, Colourform now uses the FrozenPlain Effects Engine which offers 13 effects such as arpeggiator, chorus, phaser, reverb, atmoise and scatter (granular synth FX) and more.

Finally, version 2.0 also has dozens more presets resulting in a total of 76 .NKI files. These are are great starting point for your colourful sound design.

Key features

•19 core patches, each with 12 layers of sound.
•76 total .NKI patches (57 presets)
•Unique visual inspirational experience.
•Blend 6 sounds together at once.
•Atmospheric sounds made from abstract sources: pitchforks, glass bowls, creaky gates, spanners, rain and thunder, fire, water, miscellaneous metal, crt screens, bowed glass and plucked strings.
•Randomise for musical outcomes.
•Save presets.
•Morph all colour wheels with the modwheel


Version 1.0
Colourform released

Version 2.0
•Features the FrozenPlain effects engine which includes 13 effects such as reverb, chorus, echo,
sequencer and atomise.
•New panel on the Colourform interface:
o Attack, decay, sustain and release controls for each of the colours.
o Low pass cutoff and resonance, and volume and pan for each colour.
o Level meter for each of the colours.
•Better CPU performance – the smart voicing function is improved and is now built into the
instrument rather than toggle-able.
•The control for moving all the colour wheels at once is now a freely assignable slider instead of a
hard coded CC1.

Web Site:

Colourform – UI and Presets





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