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2016-02-26   Photography

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Name: Franzis SHARPEN projects professional
Version: 1.16.02565
Includes: k'ed
Multilingual (English, German, French)
Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later or Later

More info:

Franzis SHARPEN Projects Professional 1.16.02565 (x86/x64) | 146.46 MB
The newest development in the praised projects-Software series from FRANZIS, is SHARPEN projects professional for optimal sharpening while maintaining complete control of your photo. And the best part: your original image stays intact because SHARPEN projects professional doesn't just apply one post-processing step after the other, but it creates the end result – based on the source image – only after you've carefully tried out and applied all of the steps in your workflow.

The preview function let's you easily switch back and forth between your original photo and the sharpened version. This is possible via the split preview photo or with a right-click on your mouse.

SHARPEN projects professional doesn't just sharpen photos. Sharpen projects professional provides the easiest, fastest and most effective way to sharpen PROPERLY in all the right places! Targeted sharpening brings otherwise boring photos back to life and is possible thanks to the latest methods of shake– detail- and contour correction made in Germany!

SHARPEN projects brings the right amount of sharpness to you photo
Photos with the perfect amount of sharpness can impress at first glance! This is because clear, life-like photos can only be attained with the right amount of sharpness in the right places. That's why the sharpening process is one of the most important steps in professional photo editing.

Save your photos: SHARPEN projects turns your blurry photos into tack-sharp photos
Does this sound familiar? You captured the perfect moment, but unfortunately the photo isn't sharp, or it's sharp in the wrong place. These photos would usually end up in the trash can -until now – because thanks to SHARPEN projects, blurry photos are a thing of the past! These types of images can be corrected with the integrated “Adaptive Multi-scale Deconvolution” by analyzing the image information of up to 100 surrounding pixels. This gives otherwise unusable photos the visual sharpness they were lacking.

Intuitive workflow with valuable tools for the perfect results
One click is all you need for the perfect results! In “Automatic” mode, the Software takes any uncertainty away from the user and delivers the perfectly sharpened photo instantaneously with a click of the mouse. With 45 thematically tunes presets, you can achieve the perfect result based on your original photo. Of course more experienced photo editors can take advantage of the many fine-tuning options for more extensive post-processing. The integrated RAW developer, LAB sharpening, selective sharpening and scratch correction tools offer you complete freedom in the sharpening process. Thanks to the integrated preview function, you can quickly switch between your original photo and the edited photo.

Completely in focus: the perfect amount of sharpness
SHARPEN projects will show you with mathematic preciseness when you've reached the perfect amount of sharpness. The highly sensitive Micro-Contrast engine, which was developed in Germany in 2015, analyzes the original image, calculates new details and contours with perfect color and luminosity sharpness and prefects photos for viewing on the screen, in a gallery, in a photo album, or as a large print.

Every photo needs the optimal sharpness in the right place
The sensitive-selective edge recognition allows for a precise area selection and selective sharpening of targeted areas. This allows you to create portraits with sharp, clear, radiant eyes while the skin remains soft and beautiful.

What's New in SHARPEN Projects Professional 1.16
- Mathematically exact calculation of the perfect amount of sharpness
- “Adaptive Multi-scale Deconvolution”: The innovative blur correction with up to 100x detection range
- Individual analysis of every photo
- Sensitive-selective edge recognition for exact sharpening without masks
- “Adaptive Gradient Sharpening” – for the perfect sharpness of landscapes, still-life, macro photos &more…
- Including haze & fog correction
- Scratch & sensor error correction
- RAW-Module with applicable camera profiles
- Supports all current RAW formats
- Graphic history browser with an undo function
- Batch processing
- For use as a stand-alone product and as a plugin for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Lightroom

¿Le suena familiar? Usted tomó un gran retrato de la foto, pero es sólo falta el factor sorpresa! Esto se debe a que los ojos deben ser claros, pero la piel debe aparecer suave. Con SHARPEN proyectos profesionales que ya no es un problema. El reconocimiento sensible selectivo ventaja le permite hacer una selección de píxeles-exacta que permite afilar las áreas definidas de forma individual.

Afine sus fotos en los lugares correctos!
El desarrollo más reciente en la serie de proyectos de software elogiado desde Franzis, es SHARPEN proyectos profesionales para la nitidez óptima mientras se mantiene el control completo de su foto. Y lo mejor: su imagen original queda intacta porque SHARPEN proyectos profesionales no solo se aplica un paso de post-procesamiento después de la otra, sino que crea el resultado final - sobre la base de la imagen de origen - sólo después de que haya probado con cuidado y aplicado todos los pasos del flujo de trabajo. La vista previa de la función que fácilmente alternar entre la foto original y la versión afilada let. Esto es posible a través de la división de la foto de vista previa o con un clic derecho del ratón.

Enfocar proyectos profesionales curiosidades turísticas
- Cálculo matemáticamente exacta de la cantidad perfecta de nitidez
- "Adaptive Multi-Deconvolución escala": La innovadora corrección de la falta de definición de hasta 100 veces el rango de detección
- El análisis individual de cada foto
- Banda sensible reconocimiento selectivo para el afilado exacto y sin máscaras
- "Adaptive Gradiente Afilado" - para la nitidez perfecta de paisajes, naturaleza muerta, fotos macro y más ...
- La inclusión de bruma y niebla corrección
- Rasca y corrección de error del sensor
- RAW-módulo con perfiles de cámara aplicables
- Es compatible con todos los formatos RAW actuales
- Navegador de la historia gráfica con una función de deshacer
- Procesamiento por lotes
- Para su uso como un producto independiente y como un plug-in para Photoshop, Photoshop Elements y Adobe Lightroom



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