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Nombre: Franzis DENOISE projects professional
Version: 1.21.02653
Languages: English, French, German
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Patch

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Professional Denoising And Sharpening
DENOISE projects professional expands your scope as a photographer, enabling you to create fascinating twilight, wildlife, event, underwater and astro images as well as available light shots. DENOISE projects is currently the only available software that removes all seven forms of image noise: luminance noise, colour noise, banding, colour clouds, hot pixels, salt & pepper as well as holes. The completely newly developed Smart Pattern Matching noise technology perfectly removes noise from your images while still keeping the colours, sharpness and finest details.

Up To 12,800 ISO And Higher!
DENOISE projects professional expands your photographic options: you can turn difficulty lit shots into absolute stunners, for example fascinating night scenes, romantic candlelight, portraits without flash, concert, underwater or astro situations and even landscape images!
Your Special Features In DENOISE projects professional:
 ・Noise stacking module with highly precise alignment
 ・Batch processing with fully automatically optimized denoising
 ・Complete RAW converter including distortion correction
DENOISE projects
How it works
DENOISE projects automatically analyses your image and chooses the noise reduction algorithm that perfectly fits your photo. Open the picture you would like to correct and see the magic happen – it just takes a few seconds. In this example DENOISE projects reduces a calculated value of ISO 6400 to ISO 100.

Use Your Camera’s complete ISO Scope!
With wildlife photography, you need to take fast photo series to be sure that you have captured the right moment. On top of that, zooming is often necessary to properly depict the animal. That’s often the moment of truth. At this point, if it hasn’t happened sooner, interfering noise, JPEG artefacts and loss of detail appear, making the image usually unusable. DENOISE projects lets you go down a different route and use all of your camera’s ISO range, and everything remains without noise and super crisp!

DENOISE projects professional Top Highlights
 ・New: Smart Pattern Matching Technology for brilliant and noise free images in unique quality
 ・Applicable for up to 12,800 ISO and higher!
 ・Optimized denoising of RAW and JPEG images
 ・Scratch and sensor error corrector
 ・43 Expert filters: sharpen ultra HD, restore details, HD denoising
 ・1:1 Magnified view to compare image quality and for complete control
 ・Stand-alone application for Windows and Mac OS
 ・Includes Adobe Photoshop plug-in and interface for Adobe Lightroom
Only In DENOISE projects professional
 ・Batch processing with fully automatically optimized denoising
 ・Complete RAW converter including distortion correction
 ・Noise stacking with highly precise alignment of individual images (light frames, dark frames, flat frames methods)

English tutorial: DENOISE projects – How it works



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