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2016-06-12   Graphics & Design

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Name Framer Studio 63
Size 49.98 MB
Created on 2016-06-11 08:19:14
Hash 02df671123dd3fd6178557ba775c8f9c8e71bb69
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Name: Framer Studio
Version: 63
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: K

More info:

* Drag Framer app to your application folder.
* Right-click or Ctrl Click on app > Show Package Contents > Contents > MacOS and replace the Framer file with the one in the 'Crack' zip
* If the icon is "jumping" in the dock and the application fails to start
- Open a terminal, insert the command: xattr -d -r -s
- Observing the gap overtighten the application icon to a terminal window and press Enter

CHANGELOG Framer v63:
Released on May 11, 2016
• Support for PDF and SVG image dropping.
• A file manifest for future offline caching.
• The build number when you click the version in the about window.
• Most common error tracking with the goal to learn about and eventually improve error messages.
• Utils.randomImage(size) to quickly get a random unsplash image.
• Context.destroy() to destroy contexts.
• Color.grey(value) to quickly create grey values.
• On/off shortcuts for Events.wrap().
• Visual feedback on JavaScript issues in the browser or on mobile.
• A pdf image placeholder for browsers that don’t support inline pdf’s.

• Upload error messaging if unsuccessful.
• Looks for auto complete window.
• Speed by updating to latest V8.
• The way files are saved.
• The way auto code works with default values for objects.
• Default .gitignore file for projects to exclude updated files.
• The size of the error button.
• The looks of the update framer.js and download project windows.
• Behavior of lines numbers when changing the editor font size.
• Utils.round(value) to take increments, min and max values.
• Align to directly work with point.
• layer.point to optionally take a single number.
• Canvas to emit “change:x” for width, height, size and frame.
• States to optionally take parents.

• An issue where undo adding a layer state didn’t remove .states.add.
• An issue where text inserted by auto code got garbled.
• Multiple undo issues with the editor.
• An issue with uploading unneeded files (like Icon r).
• An issue with uploading errors due to ssl.
• An issue where Framer would quit before saving changes.
• An issue where documents couldn't be closed, or the app couldn't quit.
• An issue with file backups in /framer/backups.
• An issue with the trial button being cut off.
• An issue where beta would show the stable icon in the about window.
• An issue where reizing ScrollComponent changes the scroll position.
• Multiple issues when point, size and frame used Align.
• An issue with gestures on Android.
• An issue in the touch emulator where you clicked option before you moved your mouse.
• Issues setting constructor options for layer.props, layer.copy().
• An issue where tablets would identify as a phone.
• A retina image subsampling issue on Chrome and future Safari.
• An issue where an invalid context index would be set.

A JavaScript framework for rapid prototyping. With Filters, Spring Physics and 3D effects.
Framer Studio is built on Framer.js, an open source framework for rapid prototyping. Framer allows you to define animations and interactions. It runs on mobile devices, too.

Framer Studio has Photoshop & Sketch integration, allowing you to import layers directly from your static designs and turn them into interactive prototypes.

Introducing Auto-Code



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