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ForkLift 3.0 Beta 6

2016-12-02   Utilities

ForkLift File Manager and FTP SFTP WebDAV Amazon S3 client icon
Name ForkLift 3.0 Beta 6
Size 24.88 MB
Created on 2016-11-30 01:02:02
Hash d3bfef070fbaa3738dd0e4e4a9b6c138105b9784
Files ForkLift 3.0 Beta (24.88 MB)

Descriptions for Description

Name: ForkLift for Mac
Version: 3.0 Beta 6
Release Date: 28 Nov 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.11 or later 
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

Web Site:

ForkLift is a powerful file manager and ferociously fast FTP client clothed in a clean and versatile UI that offers the combination of absolute simplicity and raw power expected from a well-executed Mac software.

ForkLift will connect to any remote server FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, the SMB and AFP shares on your local network,- pretty much anything you can plug into or hook up to a Mac. ForkLift also carries a complete toolbox for managing your files, including Folder Synchronization, Batch Renaming, Archive handling, Application deleter, editing files over remote connections and many more. All these power features are packaged into a Finder-like, dual-pane interface that delivers superior workflow while remaining absolutely familiar to use, along with QuickLook, Spotlight search and all. 

・Completely re-built from scratch inside and out 
・Disklets (you can mount a remote connection as a disk and access it from any app) 
・List view, Column view, Icon view and Coverflow 
・Transfer queue 
・Handles almost any archive format: Rar, Zip, Tar, Gz and a dozen more 
・Search and filter (now with RegExp support) 
・Improved Sync 
・Integrated favorite manager 
・Advanced Multi-Rename 
・Dual-pane view 
・Folder Synchronization 
・Amazon S3 support 
・WebDAV support
・Remote edit and preview 
・Growl support 
・QuickLook local and remote files 
・and much more to discover 

What's New in Version 3.0 Beta 6:
Fixes and Improvements 
・Adds Dropbox to the right-click contect menu (native app required) 
・Improves speed of local copy operations 
・Improves remote editing stability 
・Adds Share button to the toolbar 
・Adds Command-O keyboard shortcut to open 
・Preview panel now displays the outline selected item using keyboard selection 
・Adds option to open files when dragging them into a favorited app in sidebar 
・Adds error notification to remote edit if don't have permission 
・Fixes a crash occured when ssh daemon process on the server was terminated 
・Fixes a crash caused by an imported Amazon S3 favorite 
・Fixes an issue that prevented connecting to an Windows server through FTP TLS protocol 
・Fixes an issue that prevented deselecting items when keyboard selection was turned on 
・Fixes an issue with keyboard selection when new folder didn't get selected after naming it 
・Resolves a date modified sorting issue with items have exactly the same modification date 
・Fixes an issue that prevented changing file permissions of an item in search result 
・Fixes an issue that prevented deleting items from search result 
・Fixes an issue that prevented refreshing search result list after moving items 
・Fixes an issue with search by tags did not list items that have uncached tags 
・Fixes an issue that caused list flickering 
・Resolves an issue that caused regular and keyboard selections working in each pane at the same time 
・Fixes an issue in column view that prevented compressing a selected folder 
・Fixes an FTP connection issue on a local network device 
・Fixes an issue with type selection 
・Fixes an issue that prevented ignoring hidden files when deleting orphaned items whether hidden files option was unchecked 
・Fixes an issue in Multi Rename where case sensitivity checkbox has not been linked to RegEx occurrence 
・Fixes an issue where Tools was not setting the actual path to working directory 
・Fixes an issue with the play button in Activities 
・Fixes an issue with Show Devices menu when it didn't appear sometimes 
・Fixes an issue with spaces in path in Tools 
・Fixes an output issue in Tools 
・Fixes a visual issue with auto-fit columns and Tags that caused displaying full filenames in column view 
・Resolves an issue that occured when copying or moving items from Downloads folder on Dock to ForkLift after the first attempt 
・Fixes an issue with 'Open in New Tab' context menu option where it did not work on a selected folder in column view 
・Fixes Use as Defaults button in View Options 
・Fixes an issue that prevented turning off 'Resize columns to fit' in View Options 
・Fixes an issue that caused extension field locked after unchecking the default checkbox at Preferences > Editing 
・Fixes an issue with Copy URL on Amazon S3 
・Fixes an issue with Quick Look on symlinks and aliases 
・Fixes an issue with Search caused messing up path bar when a folder was selected in Column View 
・Numerous small fixes and improvements 



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