FilmConvert Pro 2.15 for Final Cut Pro X and Motion

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Name: FilmConvert Pro
Version: 2.15
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Keygen

Web Site:


The quality of your video file does not suit you, then use the program FilmConvert Pro.

FilmConvert Pro – provides a sophisticated algorithm for converting digital frames according to your requests. FilmConvert – this is the best emulator of film, of all that you have ever seen. It allows you to perform color correction and add the particular noise that are inherent in modern film movie cameras, which together will transform the image with a digital camera image of cinematic “film” quality.

Since then, as the world’s first digital camera there, it took a long time, and all this time, experts were waiting for the same quality of digital photography will be equal to the quality of filming on the film.

The appearance of a camera capable of shooting high-quality video, closer this time. However, for many people, a picture with a digital camera, still leaves much to be desired and does not look as good as with film cameras.

Some people say that the film has a special “magic” properties, which can never be achieved with a digital camera. We will not be so categorical, and take a more scientific approach. Over the years, the film was only possible workflow when shooting any films, but then the film is still scanned and edit already in digital form.

We conducted a study comparing the two images, both in the final result, in the form of digital files, and today we can say with confidence – we have unraveled the secret of the “magic” of film! We have identified specific differences that distinguish the “film” of a digital image. In particular, our tests have shown that the film responds to different colors.

However, digital sensors are used in modern digital cameras already adequate in some cases, exceed the characteristics of the films of the dynamic range. And in this case, a picture taken from a digital sensor, seems to be “too clean”, it differs markedly from the films of film with their inimitable charm and surprising warmth.

To fix this latest “misunderstanding” and created a program FilmConvert. It uses special algorithms to bring your picture with the digital camera to the image, which, until recently, could be obtained only by taking on film.

In fact, the program uses the color information FilmConvert specific cameras and specific types of film, and converts your digital video in accordance with predetermined algorithms.

CPU renderer bug fix for when “Film Color” is set to zero.

What’s New FilmConvert Pro 2.15

FCPX: Added multi GPU support.
FCPX: Fixed a bug in the Saturation control for GPU rendering.



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