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FF Tisa Sans Pro OTF FONT

2015-10-20   Font

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Name FF Tisa Sans Pro OTF FONT
Size 1.62 MB
Created on 2015-10-15 12:40:58
Hash a9fdf5581a5356c433e15dc0046e7ef50afffa63
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FF TISA SANS PRO (Full Family)
by M. Miklavčič, FontFont, 2011

14x OT-CFF 'Pro' v7.504 b1021 digitally signed.
PDF sample included.

FF Tisa Sans is Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič’s follow-up typeface to FF Tisa. Whether used together or separately, both of his families are excellent choices for branding projects and complex editorial applications. The original FF Tisa is one of the new-millennium favorites in the FontFont library. Upon its release, the typeface found its niche with print designers. But FF Tisa Web was a quick hit, too, and became a go-to selection for web designers the world over.

Despite its cross-media appeal, Miklavčič originally drew FF Tisa to meet the technological and aesthetic requirements of contemporary magazine design and printing. His primary goal was to develop a softer, more dynamic take on the nineteenth-century slab serif wood type genre. A large x-height and pronounced serifs help make FF Tisa extremely legible in text sizes. A few unique details—including slightly exaggerated ink traps and a fairly upright italic—are particularly visible in display sizes. FF Tisa received a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the TDC in 2007.

The popularity of FF Tisa helped convince Miklavčič to expand his general design concept further. After a few years, FontFont released its sans serif sister: FF Tisa Sans. The original FF Tisa is known for its sturdy and friendly forms, hence its common use in newspapers and magazines. In all important details, FF Tisa Sans matches FF Tisa perfectly. Aside from the lack of serifs, FF Tisa Sans features slightly reduced ink traps. Necessary system elements have been fine-tuned to one another, including the color density of blocks of text, the proportions of the letterforms and their distinctive stroke endings, and even the eye-catching Italics. The Cyrillic version, added in 2013, is unique in that it not only includes support for Balkan languages that use the Cyrillic script, but also many Central Asian languages such as Turkmen and Kazakh, which are not frequently part of many Cyrillic typefaces. Since FF Tisa Sans should prove quite suitable for signage and information design projects, Miklavčič included a range of specially designed arrows in each font as well.


FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro InfoGuide.pdf (136.6 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-Black.otf (108.9 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-BlackItalic.otf (103.4 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-Bold.otf (106.7 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-BoldItalic.otf (104.3 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-Extrabold.otf (106.9 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-ExtraboldItalic.otf (104.4 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-Italic.otf (105.4 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-Light.otf (106.5 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-LightItalic.otf (103.8 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-Medium.otf (106.6 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-MediumItalic.otf (104.6 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-Thin.otf (107.6 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro-ThinItalic.otf (104.5 kB)
FF Tisa Sans Pro [OTF] v7.504/TisaSansPro.otf (108.2 kB)

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