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EverWeb 2.6

2017-12-18   Graphics & Design

Everweb drag and drop website builder icon
Name EverWeb 2 6
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Created on 2017-12-19 07:04:46
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Descriptions for Descriptions for EverWeb 2.6

Name: EverWeb
Version: 2.6.0
Released: Dec 1st, 2017
Developer: Rage Software
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7.5 or later

Includes: Pre-K’ed (TNT)

Web Site:


An easy to use application that offers you the possibility to quickly create websites via simple, intuitive, drag and drop actions

Creating websites can be a challenge without the proper tools. EverWeb is a very useful application that enables you to quickly create both simple and more complex websites without having to write one line of code.

Adjustable webpage items and templates

EverWeb is great for beginners because it includes a collection of websites templates that you can quickly adapt your own needs.

The app allows you to replace the text content, to add shapes and move them with simple drag and drop actions or to use your own image files. In fact, every item on a page can be resized or removed.

Working with EverWeb is quite intuitive: you can create as many pages as you need and then quickly create hyperlinks between them or to other internet locations.

When the project is done, you can preview it in a website of your choice or publish it online (a EverWeb account is required even to save the project locally).

Inspector panel for simple SEO website optimization

With the help of the Inspector panel you get to customize most of the parameters for each object. You should complete all the fields included in the Inspector’s Page Details tab because the application is using the information for SEO optimizations. The same area offers you the possibility to set up an audio file that will automatically play on your website.

Website media browser and extra embeddable features

In the Assets panel you can browse all the media files currently related to your website: logos, banners, images, audio files and more. Furthermore, in the Widgets tab you can view additional functionality that can be included in a webpage: RSS feeds, contact forms, Facebook likes, HTML Snippets, videos (including YouTube links) and much more.

What’s more, EverWeb is using high quality graphics that will look amazing even on Retina enabled devices, but also allows you to create pages optimized for mobile browsing.


To sum it all up, EverWeb comes with a plethora of website building tools that will prove to be useful to both beginner and expert web content designers and developers.

What’s new in EverWeb 2.6.0 Build 1890

  • [NEW] Fast Publishing for EverWeb+Hosting, FTP and FTP over SSH. In EverWeb。ヌs Preferences you can specify how many files can be uploaded at once.
  • [NEW] Scroll Position lets you insert an anchor position and from Inspector->Hyperlinks you can select one when you select 。ニLink to one of my pages。ヌ
  • [NEW] 20 new Theme Templates have been added, many using scroll position and some with themed blog pages.
  • [NEW] Type Ahead for Theme Templates. When adding a page, if you know the Theme Template your want, just start typing the name of the Theme and EverWeb will take you to the Theme as you type.
  • [NEW] Server Preview Preferences. You can view previews on any local device on your local network. Use EverWeb-> Preferences-> General to turn Server Preview on or off as desired.
  • [NEW] New Widget icon 。ニcovers。ヌ for all inbuilt widgets.
  • [NEW] New Insert Button icons which can also be scaled as reqiured.
  • [NEW] New Instagram button.
  • [NEW] PayPal widget now lets you specify height/width of custom buttons so you can add retina buttons.
  • [NEW] PayPal widget now uses updated style default 。ニBuy。ヌ buttons.
  • [NEW] PayPal widget now includes a 。ニDonate。ヌ option.
  • [NEW] Animations now work with shadows.
  • [NEW] Scroll Position Anchor icon added to the Toolbar.
  • [NEW] Insert -> Scroll Position menu option.
  • [NEW] A 。ニNew。ヌ label is included in the Theme Template Chooser when new Theme Templates have been added.
  • [NEW] URL of published website will be shown if you are overwriting one when publishing. Only for the English version of EverWeb at present.
  • [IMPROVED] Working with a project file with full width images should be faster when resizing the window or the design canvas.
  • [IMPROVED] Previewing a website will only export the image for the screen type e.g. only a retina image on retina Macs is exported.
  • [IMPROVED] Page shadow background uses CSS now so it looks better when you specify a top margin.
  • [IMPROVED] Shadows are exported as CSS unless you are using a PNG or shape that is anything other than a rectangle.
  • [IMPROVED] Renaming pages or directories no longer creates a new XML file in the project file, preventing project files from growing very large, very quickly.
  • [FIX] When duplicating directories with sub pages, the sub pages are now also duplicated.
  • [FIX] The FaceBook Page Timeline widget now respects the 。ニShow Timeline。ヌ, 。ニMessages。ヌ and 。ニEvents。ヌ checkboxes.
  • [FIX] Full width scale to fill images should be exported properly with the scale to fill effect in the browser. The images are exported at the highest possible size.



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