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Espionage 3.6.2

  • Name: Espionage 3.6.2
  • Total Size: 7.49 MB
  • Created on: Wed Jan 7 13:46:13 2015
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Name: Espionage
Version: 3.6.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: 10.7
64 bit

Whats new:


The path for folders set to auto-lock was leaked in previous versions, compromising their plausible deniability (PD). If you require PD for those folders make sure to change the mountpoint for the affected folders after updating to 3.6.2! If you have any questions about this please contact us.


If a folder fails to lock, Espionage will now tell you the application(s) that's preventing it from locking.

Bug fixes:

Fixed crash on renaming a folder.
Fixed issue where many critical notifications would be posted if a folder failed to auto-lock due to open item.


Added Cynthia to credits for Tagalog localization.
Known Issue(s)
High CPU usage can occur if a folder gets auto-locked in a user-account that you're not logged into (via Apple's Fast User Switching feature).


Mount image, unzip the file and move the application icon to the folder "Programs"

• Start the trial
• Configure program
• Completely close program
• Run the patch

Espionage offers state-of-the-art encryption and plausible deniability for your confidential data.

Sometimes, encrypting your data isn't enough to protect it. That's why Espionage 3 goes beyond data encryption.


Source code available for security professionals.
Designed for plausible deniability. Multiple master passwords through Folder Sets. Want two versions of your email? Espionage can handle that.
Enhances deniable encryption by creating fake Folder Sets and fake disk images.
Laptop-theft tracking apps (like Undercover) work when using Espionage without FileVault.
Super-computer defying encryption: AES-256 + scrypt.
Silent. Espionage 3 doesn't make it easy for people to know what's encrypted.
Folder Actions make it easy to encrypt your email. Watch how to do it.
Quickly access folders via the menu bar and keyboard shortcuts.
Works with your favorite backup software like Time Machine and Dropbox.
Optionally prevent folder contents from showing up in Spotlight even when the folder is unlocked.
High-quality customer support. Yes, given how terrible customer support can be, we consider this a feature.

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