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Electroacoustics Toolbox 3.8.5

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Electroacoustics Toolbox 3.8.5

Name: Electroacoustics Toolbox
Version: 3.8.5
Release Date: July 11, 2016
Developer: Faber Acoustical, LLC
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later

Includes: Pre-K’ed

Web Site:
Mac App Store:


Electroacoustics Toolbox is a modularized, multi-channel dynamic signal analyzer and data acquisition platform. It brings powerful new tools to the Macintosh platform for multi-channel, audio-band data acquisition and real-time analysis of electrical, acoustical, and electroacoustic signals and systems. It enables precise measurements of acoustic quantities, such as equivalent and time-weighted sound levels, as well as acoustic and electroacoustic systems, such as listening rooms and loudspeakers. The software is designed to work with any Mac-compatible audio hardware and supports multiple channels of 8, 16, 24, or 32-bit data with sample rates as high as the hardware will support.

  • Frequency response magnitude and phase
  • Impulse response
  • Auto and cross correlation
  • Time delay (latency)
  • Group delay
  • Signaltonoise ratio (SNR)
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD, THD+N)
  • Coherence
  • Crest factor and rms, peak, and peaktopeak signal levels
  • Signal mean, variance, and standard deviation values
  • Flat, A, and Cweighted equivalent (Leq), timeweighted (Lp), and percentileexceeded (Lx) sound levels
  • And more!
Built-in Tools:
  • Dual FFT Analyzer (TF/IR analyzer)
  • FFT Analyzer
  • Meter Bridge
  • Octave Analyzer (RTA)
  • Oscilloscope
  • Signal Generator
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Spectrogram
  • X/Y Plotter
Available via in-app purchase:
  • Room Analyzer tool for estimating room acoustics parameters from impulse response data (T20, T30, T60, EDT, Clarity, Definition, Center Time).
  • Noise Dosimeter tool for measuring noise dose with various threshold and criterion levels, with 3, 4, and 5 dB exchange rates.

Electroacoustics Toolbox is a project-based application, which allows you to configure and save project files. Projects may contain one or more tools available in the toolbox, along with any captured data associated with those tools. Electroacoustics Toolbox allows for the creation of an arbitrary number of tools of a certain type, or tools of different types. For example, a project may contain an oscilloscope, two FFT analyzers, and two signal generators. The oscilloscope and FFT analyzers may each simultaneously analyze multiple input channels of a single device. However, there is no requirement that all tools must work with the same device.
The Toolbox also offers advanced capabilities for configuring input and output device parameters and assigning labels, units, and transducer sensitivities to individual input and output channels.

Electroacoustics Toolbox Features
  • Hardwareaccelerated OpenGL graphics for fast realtime plotting
  • Quartzbased graphics for highresolution still images and prints
  • Advanced control over input and output devices
  • Whole device and individual channel sensitivity (level) calibration
  • Support for units, including Volts, Amps, pascals, and Engineering Units
  • Saving complete configurations and data in project files
  • Exporting data to ascii text or MATfiles for easy import into other applications
  • Work with multiple independent audio devices simultaneously
  • No arbitrary limits on how many devices or channels are used, or on sample rates or signal formatsthese are limited only by your hardware
  • AppleScript support for measurement automation and remote control

What’s New in Electroacoustics Toolbox 3.8.5

  • The user preference to automatically start a device, when starting a tool that relies on that device, will now be honored by AppleScript commands.
  • A bug in the Dual FFT Analyzer, that caused improper plotting of frequency data with guardbanding enabled, has been fixed.





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