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EJ Technologies Install4j MultiPlatform Edition 7.0.4


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NameEJ Technologies Install4j MultiPlatform Edition v7 0 4 MacOSX-FSOCIETY [sn].dmg
Size124.9 MB
Created on2018-03-11 00:02:10
FilesEJ Technologies Install4j MultiPlatform Edition v7 0 4 MacOSX-FSOCIETY [sn].dmg (124.9 MB)

Descriptions for EJ Technologies Install4j MultiPlatform Edition 7.0.4

Name: install4j
Version: 7.0.4
Developer: ej-technologies GmbH
Mac Platform: UB
OS Version: OS X 10.3 or later

Includes: Serial

Web Site:


An easy to use multi-platform Java installer builder that is able to generate native installers and application launchers for Java apps

install4j is a macOS application designed to streamline the process of building installers or launchers for any Java application. The app is able to guide you through the entire procedure, so you will be able to achieve your goals without too much hustle.

Simple installation procedure and streamlined design

install4j comes with its own installer, which greatly simplifies the entire process, but keep in mind that, if you want to receive an evaluation license and actually be able to try out the application, you need to have an internet connection.

In the install4j main window you can easily input details about your Java application and personalize the installer or launcher’s appearance. The install4j main window is organized into various tabs and you should go through each of them to be able to build a high quality product.

Helps you create launchers, as well as build installers, uninstallers and updaters for any Java app

After providing details about the app name, version, and publisher, you get to create launchers for your app: you can embed your own binaries, or you can use the install4j capabilities to create them. install4j is able to generate GUI or console apps, or service launchers, and you can manage the details via an intuitive configuration panel.

You can use install4j to compile both installers and uninstallers for your apps: you can adjust the screen flow order to match your own project, customize the panels content and more. In addition, install4j also enables you to provide updating solutions for your Java projects.

Straightforward utility for creating Java installers

Of course, to actually complete the whole process, you must navigate tothe Build tab and actually compile the installers. The best part is thatyou can test the builds before actually distributing them to yourusers.

install4j provides intuitive solutions designed to help you build professional looking Java installers and launchers in no time. The app enables you to personalize the finished products, while making sure that the standards are preserved.

What’s new in install4j 7.0.4

February 1st, 2018

New features:
  • The install4j IDE and compiler can now run with Java 9
  • Java 9 JREs and JDKs can now be used for code-completion and compiling scripts
  • Form screens: Added a "Screen can be reached" property that allows the screen not be shown when the user reaches the screen with either the Back or the Next button. This is analogous to the isHiddenForPrevious() and isHiddenForNext() methods that are available in the custom screen API.
  • Added the ability to specify dependencies for RPM archives on the "Installer options" step of the media wizard
  • Added the VM option -Dinstall4j.helperDebugPort=nnnnn for debugging the elevated helper process
  • Added a compiler variable "sys.timestamp" that contains the Unix epoch of the build time
  • For non-OSGI SWT applications, the splash screen is now hidden automatically when the first window is shown
API changes:
  • Added with methods to get the top level windows, detect tablet mode and wait for a maximizable window on Windows
  • Added com.install4j.api.formComponents.FormEnvironment#isInitialized to check if the form panel has been fully constructed
  • JVMSelector#setPreferredJVM did not work in the installer if a "Request privileges" action had been previously executed
  • Added com.install4j.api.beaninfo.ActionListPropertyDescriptor#setConfigurableElevationType to suppress the "Action elevation type property" for actions in action lists
  • Added com.install4j.api.update.UpdateDescriptorEntry#getMd5Sum. MD5 sums are now written to updates.xml, if MD5 sums calculation is enabled for the project.
  • Added the constructor com.install4j.api.beaninfo.ScriptParameter(String, ParameterizedType) to support script parameters with generic types, like List
Bugs fixed:
  • Regression in 7.0: The selection script in "Radio button group" and "Single radio button" form components was called while the form panel was being constructed
  • Regression in 7.0: When an action with a confirmation checkbox was added to the "Installation" screen, the checkbox was added to the same screen instead of the "Additional confirmation screen"
  • Regression in 7.0: "Update alert" form component: In console mode, the variable "sys.confirmedUpdateInstallation" was set to true even if the question to update the existing installation was answered with no
  • Regression in 7.0: Setting -Dinstall4j.clearProxyCache=true produced an NPE
  • Custom watermarks for the installer and installer applications were not migrated from install4j 6.x projects
  • Compiler variable entries in the distribution tree could not be overridden externally
  • Code completion in the static code section did not show other static fields and methods
  • Calling HyperlinkLabel.setPassiveColor did not change the color of existing labels
  • Classes produced by the Kotlin compiler can now be compressed with Pack200
  • The main class selector in the launcher wizard did not search JAR files that were in file sets other than the default file set
  • Unix scripts did not work if the "which" command is not installed. This is the default case for some Linux distributions.
  • The message in option dialogs for file overwrite confirmation and other instances was incorrectly split into title and message body
  • i18n messages were shown as replaced in form component properties while the preview dialog was being displayed
  • The wizard index could not be updated for the same screen, only for screen changes. Calling WizardContext#setWizardIndexKey and WizardContext#setWizardIndex in actions or form component event handlers now has the intended effect.
  • When using a large number of custom code JAR files together with Pack200 compression, unpacking of some JAR files could fail
  • "Program group" selector form component: Fixed an exception when shown on non-Windows platforms
  • "JDBC container action": The action does not work in elevated mode, so elevation has been disabled, also for contained actions
  • "Fall back to console mode on Unix" property for installer did not work under some circumstances
  • macOS: For signing, only the Developer ID Application certificate is now accepted, for other certificates the build will fail. Gatekeeper does not accept third-party certificates, while it is technically possible to use them, it makes no sense and nearly always an error. Should you really want to continue using other certificates, set the compiler variable "sys.ext.macosAcceptAllCerts" to "true".
  • macOS: The "Add VM options" and "Modify classpath" actions did not work for included command line executables in single bundle archives



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