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EazyDraw v3.9.6

2014-10-29   Graphics & Design


EazyDraw v3.9.6

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  • Added:2014-09-07
  • Last Update:2014-10-25



EazyDraw v3.9.6 *CRACKED*

Cracked by: symmetry Release-Name: CR-3K0G_.ZIP
Supplied: CORE Release-Date: 2014/09/06
Packaged: Bergelmir Release-Type: Graphics & De
Protection: DRM+Custom OS: MacOSX
Crack/SN: Patch Language: Multilingual
Rating: [You decide!] Disks: 10

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DESCRiPTiON: EazyDraw is a general purpose vector drawing App that every Mac
user should have in their Dock. It has a balanced feature set, not
bloated with obscure computer illustration procedures or
traditional CAD complexity

EazyDraw is perfect for technical drawings, text/page layout
computer art, architectural plans, letters and forms, logo design
flow charts, genealogy charts, maps, scientific illustrations, app
icons, web graphics, and more

EazyDraw provides full native support for SVG (Scalable Vector
Graphic) file format. With EazyDraw you may import and edit SVG
EPS, and PDF vector drawings. Export formats include: SVG, PDF
EPS, JPG, TIF, Favicon, Keynote and others

64 Bit! The App store version of EazyDraw provides the accuracy
and speed of multi-thread 64 bit computing. The App Store version
of EazyDraw DOES NOT support the legacy graphic formats: MacDraw
ClarisDraw, AppleWorks, or PICT. Older versions of EazyDraw are
required to convert drawings in these formats. The App store
version of EazyDraw will import drawings saved with earlier
versions of EazyDraw

Features: Layers, Multiple Drawing Windows, Symbol Libraries
English and/or Metric units, Drawing Scales, Grids and Guides, RGB
and CMYK colors

Languages: CS, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JA, NB, NL, PT, SV, ZH

iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES: Unpack and enjoy

How do I extract scene files?(RARS inside of Zips)

Option A: - Download and install our app
- Make a shortcut to it in the launchpad
- Drag&drop any Zip or Rar files on the shortcut
- The app will extract all the files in a new folder
- Open the new folder
- Repeat the process until everything has been extracted.

Option B:
- Open the terminal (CLI)
- Install Brew **DO THIS ONLY THE FIRST TIME** ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
- Install Unrar **DO THIS ONLY THE FIRST TIME** brew install unrar
- Change directory to where you downloaded the torrent ie. cd /Users/Jeff/Downloads/Torrent/Bob.Came.In.Pieces.v1.5.MacOSX-WaLMaRT
- To unzip files, use this: unzip -u -o \*.zip
- To unrar files, use this: unrar e -y first_rar_file.rar
- Repeat the process until everything has been extracted.

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