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DSSW Power Manager 4.3.2

2014-12-10   Utilities

Power Manager
  • Name: DSSW Power Manager 4.3.2
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Name: DSSW Power Manager Version: 4.3.2
Version: Intel; 32 and 64-bit
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum: 500mb
Video RAM: 64mb

version 4.3.2:
• Refined: Added filter to ease finding specific Schedule Assistant tasks.
• Refined: Added syntax highlighting to Schedule Assistant script steps.
• Refined: Exposed optional command line arguments in editor for embedded scripts.
• Refined: Action summary now includes hash bang executable in editor for embedded scripts.
• Bug: Fixed auto-playing of presentations for Apple Keynote 6.2.2.
• Bug: Fixed dragging of pm-schedule files directly onto event view.


Auto-start, shut down, or sleep your Mac
schedule applications, launch documents, and scripts run

Power Manager is the solution for reducing the energy costs of Mac computers. Use Power Manager to assert control over when your Macs are available and when they are switched off. Power Manager extends the scheduling functionality provided by OS X's Energy Saver. Unlike Energy Saver, Power Manager is aware of multiple users, offers unrestricted schedules, provides greater customisation, and supports a wider range of actions.

Power Manager includes the ability to schedule applications, launch documents, and run scripts. Includes AppleScript support, Automator actions, command-line interface, and programming interface.

“Power Manager 4.x is a milestone for the product.” said Graham Miln, Director. “The new interface takes advantage of recent Mac OS X features and greatly improves our customers’ experience. Being able to say goodbye to needing a restart is wonderful.”

Power Manager 4.x’s application reveals more information about the events and scheduling engine. The application now offers two views: the events store and the engine.

The events store shows all the events available to the scheduler, including those that are disabled. This view builds upon the previous interface. Here, events are created, named, and managed.

The new engine view shows events as they exist within the scheduler. An event with two timed triggers will appear twice within the engine view; once for each trigger time. From the engine view, scheduled events can be adjusted, triggered, and cancelled. These actions were previously only possible through the status menu.

Power Manager is now distributed as an application, rather than an Installer package. As with other applications, to install, the application only needs to be placed within the Applications folder. Power Manager does this automatically. So, a double-click is all that is needed after downloading. Then, the application guides the user through setting up the scheduler without needing to restart or deal with Installer packages.

A fully packaged edition continues to be available for system administrators. The packaged edition is identical to the application edition but requires no interaction to set up.

Alongside no longer needing to restart, Power Manager 4.x concentrates more functionality within the application. AppleScript support has been merged into the application, rather than using a separate scripting application. The command line tools have also been moved within the application bundle. These changes help reduce the number of files that need to be set up in order to power the scheduler.

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