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DropPy 1.2.0

Droppy automate drag and drop with python icon
Size7.64 MB
Created on2018-02-21 06:31:38
FilesDropPy_v1.2.0 (7.64 MB)

Descriptions for DropPy 1.2.0

Name: DropPy for Mac
Version: 1.2.0
Release Date: 16 Jan 2018
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:macOS 10.12 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Serial


DropPy lets you automate anything you can drag-and-drop… with Python.

  • Drop Anything – As long as you can drag something outside your source application, you can use it as input for DropPy. On top of direct interaction being more intuitive, this also gives you a way to access objects that scripts from Terminal are not able to address.
  • Access All Data – The object you drop usually contains data in many different formats, categorized by UTIs (Uniform Type Identifiers). DropPy pulls out everything that’s available to give you full flexibility for what you want to do.
  • Tasks and Workflows – DropPy passes all extracted files through a series of Python scripts called Tasks. Their order and parameters are set in a JSON file and form a Workflow. Tasks are specifically written to do one thing only. This reduces complexity and makes them easy to reuse and share. Most Tasks are just a few lines long.
  • Batteries Included – DropPy comes bundled with a large set of Workflows and Tasks to start you off and to serve as examples for your own custom solutions.
  • Made For Development – DropPy’s Development Mode assists you in quickly writing your own Tasks and Workflows. Buttons to re-drop the previous object, to open the last log file, and to open the temp dir allow for rapid iterations.
  • Interpreters and Virtual Envs – Python 2.7 comes pre-installed in macOS Sierra and High Sierra, but you can add any number of other interpreters such as Python 3, Anaconda, or PyPy – or use Virtual Environments with DropPy.
  • Secure and Private – DropPy occasionally checks for updates by contacting That’s it. And even this can be disabled. There are no in-app-analytics that spy on you and no crash-reporting-service that leaks your data.

What’s New in DropPy 1.2.0

  • Changes in droppy-workspace
    • New Task FileSystem.ExitOnNoInput:Added to all Workflows, after all the Filter. Tasks
    • Tests run again
  • First Run Assistant improved:
    • First page:Different main image, blurred like website
    • Third page:Adjusted signature of example Task (input_dir instead of input_paths)
  • Slightly larger icon for the dmg when mounted
  • Switched order of buttons “Open log file” and “Open temp dir” on the Task error dialog
  • [Fixed] Correctly showing the registration window for non-registrated users on drop
  • [Fixed] Trying to drop something while a Workflow was running did not revert to showing the spinner and the solid line after showing the red error images
  • [Fixed] Canceling a long running Workflow did not allow for running another Workflow right away, app was hanging after “creating files” step



-Developer Tools


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