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A simple download manager that offers you the possibility to quickly save videos from different websites to your own disk drive.

If you are using a poor internet connection, trying to visualize videos streamlined online might not work properly since the content is loaded too slowly. Downie is a simple Mac app that can help you download those videos to your computer, and then watch them by using your default media player.


Working with Downie is extremely straightforward: simply drop the video URL on top of the app's main window or on the Dock icon. Downie adds the video to your downloads list, so all you have to do next is start the process by pressing the appropriate button. Of course, you can also remove items from the list.

By default, Downie downloads MP4 files and places them in your default Downloads folder, but you can easily change this via the Preferences window. The same area allows you to setup notifications, or post processing actions (convert to MP4 if necessary, or extract audio only).


Downie provides support for more than 400 different websites that host video content, among which there are the most popular choices, such as YouTube, Apple, LiveLeak, Vimeo, BBC, and so on. If a certain website is not included, within the app you can send a request email to the Downie developers.

Moreover, Downie also provides matching extensions for various popular web browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Chromium. The add-ons are not installed by default: open the Preferences window and install only the ones you plan to use.


Downie is a great tool for saving videos posted on various websites to your Mac for offline playback. The application is extremely useful especially if you have a slow internet connection.

What's new in 2.0?

Now requires OS X 10.9+. If you are still running OS X 10.8, do not install.
Ability to pause and resume downloads (note that quitting Downie will cancel the download completely).
Automatic retry on network failure.
HTTP downloads are now split into chunks (if supported by server), hence possibly speeding up downloads.
Automatic login detection. If your site requires you to login, Downie will pick this up and allow you to login using an inner browser.
Additional extraction methods. By default, Downie analyzes the source code of the web site and tries to extract a video file. This has the advantage of allowing you to often pick from several video qualities, but this method can miss on some media files. If Downie fails to find something on the page by analyzing it, it goes on to actually loading the page in an inner browser and looking for dynamically loaded media files.
See what videos are currently popular – there's a blue button right in the toolbar of the main window that shows the top 25 popular videos.
Search YouTube, Vimeo and more right from within the app.
Now also downloads DMG, ZIP, RAR. We're accepting requests for non-video sites now as well.
Image previews. Supported sites will now show image previews of the videos.
Here's a few tips for using Downie:

To start, you can drag a link from any browser either on Downie's window, or the icon in the Dock.
If you have more links, or links within some text, just drop the whole thing onto Downie – it will scan the text for links.
You can use copy and paste as well – just press Command-O in Downie and you can insert all the links in the world!

Downie es un descargador de vídeo super fácil de usar, con soporte para YouTube, Vimeo , y más de 750 otros sitios. No molesta al usuario una gran cantidad de opciones - sólo hace su trabajo !

Características principales:
Soporta muchos sitios - Actualmente soporta más de 750 sitios diferentes (incluyendo YouTube, Vimeo , etc ) y el número está creciendo rápidamente .
Soporte 4K video de YouTube - a diferencia de muchos otros descargadores de YouTube, Downie soporta vídeo HD en YouTube, hasta 4K .
Postprocessing - Tu vídeo en MP4 para iTunes? O quiere sólo la pista de audio? No hay problema, Downie puede manejar esto de forma automática !
Ayuda rápida - respondo a los correos electrónicos por lo general dentro de las 24 horas ya menudo añadir soporte para los sitios solicitados en la próxima actualización.
Las actualizaciones frecuentes - No espere semanas para los bichos para nuevos sitios para ser admitidos, para corregir fallos ! Downie se actualiza una vez a la semana con nuevas características, sitios de apoyo , etc
Internacional - no sólo que Downie apoya sitios específicos de cada país , se localiza . Si su idioma no se encuentra , póngase en contacto con nosotros - le podemos ofrecer una licencia gratuita a cambio de una traducción.

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