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DiskKeeper 1.7

2014-11-15   Utilities


DiskKeeper 1.7

  • Size:8.43 MB
  • Added:2014-10-22
  • Last Update:2014-11-13



Name: DiskKeeper
Version: 1.7
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.8 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

What's New in Version 1.7

- Implemented Uninstaller tool
- Implemented Languages removal tool
- Improved junk scan time
- Improved iPhoto obsolete originals scanning and cleaning algorithm.
- Added social connections.

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DiskKeeper is an advanced utility, yet easy to use that helps you keep your Mac clean, organized and reliable.

DiskKeeper is a set of tools that will help you:
- Clean your junk files with ease to boost your system and gain space
- Uninstall apps completely (including their leftovers)
- Remove Languages you don't use
- Find and remove big files that waste your disk space
- Rename file collections (add suffix, prefix, replace words, find by criteria)

Clean-Up utility
Advanced clean-up algorithms cleans gigabytes of junk with a click of a button.
You have great visual representation of what is the state of your Mac as well as how much free space you are going to have if a clean up is performed (called "free space after"). Also displayed in percentage and pie charts.

Uninstaller utility
Every application creates and manages it's own files in order to work faster, smarter and keep it's settings saved.
When an application is removed by deletion a lot of leftovers remain on the computer.
DiskKeeper uninstalls the applications completely, including their leftovers.

Languages cleaner
Almost every application installs extra language support.
Since everyday we install new applications this procedure repeats and at some point we hold tons of useless language support, yet we speak just few or one of them.
DiskKeeper can solve that with a click of a button.
DiskKeeper is smart and detects your default localisation and removes the rest. If you wish you can choose to keep additional one.

Big-Files scanner
We all download files form internet everyday.
We collect and organise them by categories, dates and types.
It's hard to find all files spread in different folders that are big because they are organized by different criterias.
With DiskKeeper you are one click away from finding all big files. You can choose which to delete and which to keep in a simple, organized way.

Mass-Rename utility
Bulk rename your file collections in a second.
With mass rename you can rename files containing, starting or ending with specific word or character.
You can add prefix, suffix or replace word or character in thousands of files with simple click.
With DiskKeeper you can easily name your Summer picture collection by adding suffix with the year of shoot or rename your favorite "Unknown" artist songs.

Advanced multithreading technology
DiskKeeper is completely multithreaded. That means you can perform disk clean-up and rename or search for big files simultaneously, without waiting the other task to finish first.

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