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DEVONthink Pro Server 3.6.0


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Name DEVONthink 3.6.0
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Created on 2020-11-26 00:55:41
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Descriptions for DEVONthink Pro Server 3.6.0

DEVONthink is DEVONtechnologies’ document and information management solution. It supports a large variety of file formats and stores them in a database enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). Many document formats can be directly viewed, edited, and annotated. A powerful search language finds documents in an instant, smart groups keep them always at hand.

Sophisticated organization tools, AI-based techniques that handle even the largest collections, and numerous integration options make DEVONthink the work environment of choice for researchers, lawyers, and educators. Smart rules, flexible reminders, and deep AppleScript support allow automating even complex repeating tasks. And with its fast, reliable, and secure synchronization users keep their data available on all their Macs. DEVONthink To Go for iPad and iPhone completes the DEVONthink ecosystem.

DEVONthink Pro 3 Features:

  • Keeps your data together
  • Scans your paper
  • Archives your email
  • Assists you with A.I.
  • Syncs your data securely
  • Automates repeating tasks
  • Lets you share your data

User Interface

As the most obvious change, DEVONthink 3 brings a completely overhauled single-window interface including support for dark mode. The extended sidebar gives you access to your databases, favorites, smart groups, smart rules, and filters as well as to a new reading list, import options, and more. Inspectors present metadata about documents and groups, offer AI assistance, and let you set reminders or search within the document.

Capturing text, audio, and voice notes, screenshots, or web clippings becomes much easier with the redesigned Sorter. More subtle are the numerous changes to the search engine which now better supports Asian languages, indexes also PDF and RTF attachments, and highlights search hits more precisely. Its enhanced search language allow you to use prefixes to run complex searches without touching the mouse. Focus the displayed items on tags, dates, marks, or geolocation using filters.

Office & Teamwork

If you’re working in an office environment DEVONthink 3 brings you a new 64-bit optimized OCR engine that supports multiple CPU cores, Asian languages, barcode detection, and multiple output formats. Add custom imprints to images and PDFs including placeholder text and Bates numbering.

The rewritten web interface gives your coworkers or clients access to your databases even when they’re not using a Mac. User accounts and per-database permissions let you define what web visitors see and can do. TLS support makes sure all connections are encrypted.

Other improvements include geolocation metadata, ratings, and custom, typed metadata that you can add to all documents and, of course, search. When importing documents, you can let DEVONthink convert metadata to tags, and tag images automatically using machine learning.

Markdown and HTML documents can be edited side-by-side with a rendered preview, sheets with tabular data support specific data types and have a form view. Formatting and editing bars keep frequently used tools at hand and adding cross-references has become more versatile with improved WikiLinking and support for the square bracked syntax. DEVONthink 3 now also supports EPUB ebooks and, useful for research, collects highlighted search hits and metadata for you into summary documents.


Last but not least, we have massively extended DEVONthink’s automation options for version 3. Smart rules perform actions based on events and search queries, where events can be anything from a scheduled time to the arrival of a newly imported document. You can also attach one-time or repeating reminders to any document. They support several alarm options including running scripts. Insert dynamic data in templates, imprints, or smart rules without requiring any programming skills.

Of course, DEVONthink 3 brings also many under-the-hood enhancements. To name just a few: better file system integration for indexed files, better background processing, e.g. for email archiving, indexing, or generating thumbnails, and an improved overall performance.


OS X 10.8.5 or later, Intel, 64-bit processor,

What’s New in DEVONthink Pro Server 3.6.0

This release brings compatibility for macOS 11 Big Sur, with both cosmetic and technological improvements. Also, document links are a focus in this version. Databases are scanned for link relationships between documents: either outgoing links or incoming Links (“back links”). The numbers of incoming and outgoing links can also be used to search, as smart criteria, or to sort the item list.

Other enhancements include better in-document searching via the Search inspector which now allows wildcards and operators, e.g., `DEVONthink NEAR support`. We have added more Markdown support including a new Daily Journal template and creating a table of contents file in Markdown. There is now the ability to duplicate and replicate via the Move to popover when modifier keys are held. PDFs with a table of contents can be split by chapters into separate documents. The AppleScript dictionary also received several additions and improvements, including faster processing of selected items. Lastly, there are performance and reliability improvements for DEVONthink and its synchronization.


  • Added support for scanning documents for links to and from other documents. This is supported for all newly created files in DEVONthink’s native formats. Existing databases will be scanned the first time they’re opened.
  • Added File > Close > All Except command to leave the current database open.
  • Added an Enable Operators & Wildcards option to the Search inspector allowing use of operators and wildcards for in-document searches. If disabled, the search terms will be treated as substrings. The Edit > Find > Find Next/Previous commands and next/previous buttons in the inspector are available when this option is enabled.
  • Added Tools > Split PDF into Chapters command to split one or more selected PDF documents having multiple pages and a table of contents with multiple entries into the separate chapter documents.
  • Added Go > To Document to quickly open a document in the current main window if the View/Edit pane is visible or a new document window, if not.
  • Added Copy Section Link and Copy Page Link to the contextual menu of the Table of Contents inspector, for Markdown and PDF documents.
  • Added an Incoming Links pane to the Document > Links inspector showing incoming links (“back links”) from other documents. This includes WikiLinks from plain and rich texts, as well as Markdown documents. Clicking on an incoming link displays the backlinked document. Dragging incoming links to Markdown or rich text documents with Command-Option held is also supported.
  • Added support for querying or sorting on the number of incoming or outgoing links to many sections of the interface, including smart groups, smart rules, advanced searching, sorting the item list, etc.
  • Added property icons to the item list denoting items have incoming or outgoing links.
  • Added Daily Journal — Markdown template to Data > New from Template > Productivity. Also, updated and renamed the original Daily Journal template to Daily Journal – Text.
  • Added two new services to capture bookmarks, DEVONthink 3: Capture Bookmark, and to add links to the Reading List, DEVONthink 3: Add to Reading List. Both require having a URL selected.
  • Added a File Location pop-up menu to the Tools > Filters > Info pane to filter imported or indexed items in the current location.
  • Added a submenu to Tools > Create Table of Contents to create a table of contents as rich text or Markdown document.
  • Added Copy Section Link to the contextual menu of the Markdown editor.
  • Added `Any Extension` criterion for use with smart groups, smart rules, and searches. This can be used to check for filenames with or without an extension, e.g., `Extension is not Any Extension`.
  • Added AppleScript terms `incoming references` and `outgoing references` to get explicit link relationships between records.
  • Added AppleScript terms `incoming Wiki references` and `outgoing Wiki references` to get automatic WikiLink relationships between records.
  • Added AppleScript term `selected records` for application and main windows. Contrary to the still supported `selection` property this supports bulk retrieval of properties of the selection. Queries like `name of selected records` or `UUID of selected records` are up to 100 times faster.
  • Added a generic UUID for the global inbox for use with item links, smart groups, and smart rules.
  • Added hidden preference `DisableHighlightColorMapping` to use the same highlight colors for web documents in both light and dark mode on macOS Mojave and later.
  • Added hidden preference `ExcludeOpenedDatabasesFromTimeMachine`. This option is off by default.


  • The Data > Move To command can now be used with files open in document windows.
  • Opening favorite documents via Go > Favorites tries to open them in the current main window if the View/Edit pane is visible.
  • The sidebar header of main windows now shows the number of unread items in the Reading List.
  • Tooltips of results, e.g., search results or See Also & Classify results, are shown if the location of the item is abbreviated.
  • The Database Properties popover no longer requires selecting only the root of the database in the Navigate sidebar.
  • Items newly added to the Reading List are shown at the top.
  • The Info inspector now shows the total duration when multiple multimedia files are selected.
  • Added a Copy Name command to the contextual menu of the Document > Links inspector.
  • The Table of Contents inspector now detects the alternate heading syntax in Markdown documents.
  • Insert Back Link and Insert Quote commands of the Annotations & Reminders inspector now support plain text and Markdown annotation.
  • Relative links in HTML-based documents and item links referencing web-based documents now support anchors, e.g., `[001](` in Markdown.
  • Added shortcut ⌃⌘E to Edit > Insert > Item Link.
  • Changed shortcut of Data > Launch URL to ⌃⌘U and Data > Launch URL in Background to ⌃⌥⌘U.
  • Holding the Option or Command-Option modifier keys can be used to duplicate or replicate items via the Data > Move To popover. The title of the popover is updated according to the current modifier keys.
  • Both Data > Move to external folder and automatic moving to external folder, e.g., after adding/moving items to indexed groups, tries to retain the original filenames of the documents.
  • Groups created by File > Import > Notes from Evernotenow retain the creation or modification date of the imported notes. Note: This command only works with Evernote’s “legacy version” as Evernote 10 no longer supports AppleScript.
  • Animated GIFs now animate when displayed. However, they can no longer be modified.
  • Added Delete Page and Insert Blank Page commands to the contextual menu of the View/Edit pane when viewing PDFs.
  • The Editing bar used with PDFs now supports inserting blank pages, deleting the current page, and reversing the page order without the Thumbnails inspector being visible.
  • Sheet templates now support placeholders.
  • Dragging audio or video files in a database into a Markdown document now inserts `video` or `audio` HTML tags.
  • The sharing extension uses URLs provided by source application for files, images, and movies, if a URL is available. The extension also supports more input types, improves reliability, and is more compatible with macOS Big Sur.
  • More efficient updating and reloading of sidebars in main windows.
  • Improved parsing of toolbar searches using the search prefix tags: now strips unnecessary white spaces.
  • The summaries in the Search inspector now use the Summarize setting in Preferences > Editing.
  • Improved performance of the Search inspector for web documents and views.
  • Renamed Move All Instances to Trash to Move All Replicants to Trash.
  • Scanning text of documents, e.g., via smart rule actions or date or amount placeholders, now scans the first eight pages of PDF documents and up to 40k of text.
  • Improved escaping characters while converting documents to Markdown.
  • Improved conversion of rich text to Markdown now retains bold, italics, underlining, and links. In addition, lines containing only bold text are converted to headers.
  • Conversion of hashtags to tags now ignores the content of certain types of files, e.g., CSS stylesheets, source code, code blocks in Markdown files, etc. as they can generate a large number of unwanted tags.
  • Relative paths to video or audio files in the same database are now supported in Markdown or HTML documents.
  • More reliable indexing of third-party file formats requiring Spotlight metadata importers.
  • Improved updating indexed files with Finder comments, especially in folders containing many files with comments.
  • Improved recognition of document dates using `MM/DD/YY` format.
  • More consistent handling of file coordination to improve opening or editing imported documents externally.
  • Revised user-agent while downloading RSS feeds to improve the compatibility with certain feeds, e.g., some Atom feeds.
  • Improved HTML parser makes the AppleScript command `get embedded images of` more compatible to websites loading images dynamically.
  • Exporting templates no longer replaces `%` in the name of exported items.
  • The Add to Reading List service now automatically names the added item.
  • Improved checking free disk space before optimizing, rebuilding, or adding files to databases.
  • Updated scripts of Scripts > Execute menu.
  • Files added to the Global Inbox folder in the Finder are no longer processed by DEVONthink while smart rules or scripts are running.
  • Invalid arguments of AppleScript commands now report an error.
  • The `Filename` criterion in smart groups, smart rules, and searches now support `is not` and `does not contain/begin/end` forms.
  • More efficient storing of internal and custom metadata.
  • The Support Assistant now uses SSL/TLS.
  • More background activities now block the synchronization of a database until complete to avoid unnecessary or outdated transfers.
  • Improved timeout handling of background tasks.
  • Improved reliability and performance, including handling filesystem events.

Improved (Sync)

  • Dropbox connections try to alleviate timeouts or rate limiting by the service.
  • Reduced CPU and memory usage of the iCloud upload monitor.
  • Improved the overall reliability of WebDAV sync stores.
  • Improved the efficiency and speed of uploads, especially with smaller databases.


  • After canceling mounting encrypted databases or entering the wrong password multiple times, the extension wasn’t reverted to `.dtSparse` on macOS Catalina and later. Fixed.
  • Encrypted databases added to Favorites didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Favorite encrypted databases were disabled while opened. Fixed.
  • Recent encrypted databases were disabled after closing them. Fixed.
  • After saving edited Markdown documents in both side-by-side and fullscreen document mode, the source view lost the keyboard focus. Fixed.
  • Edit > Set Name As did not work in case of Markdown and HTML documents viewed in side-by-side mode. Fixed.
  • Minor issues of the Table of Contents inspector with Markdown documents. Fixed.
  • MultiMarkdown metadata headers could be processed incorrectly by automatic Wiki linking. Fixed.
  • Tab-indented lists in Markdown weren’t parsed correctly. Fixed.
  • Go > Complete News was not disabled while the Support Assistant or a document window showing a web document or Markdown preview was the frontmost window. Fixed.
  • Backward and forward handling after clicking on a link in RSS news or using Go > Complete News wasn’t working properly. Fixed.
  • Tags based on hashtags were updated when RSS feeds updated or after using the Append Plain Note or Append Rich Note services. Fixed.
  • The RSS parser could affect the rendering of the Extras sidebar. Fixed.
  • Reordering of Reading List items via drag-and-drop shouldn’t have been possible when showing only unread items. Fixed.
  • macOS data detectors and filenames containing the same word multiple times could cause issues with automatic WikiLinks. Fixed.
  • Website exports didn’t resolve automatic Wiki links based on the square bracket syntax in Markdown documents. Fixed.
  • Page links copied by the Document > Annotations inspector incorrectly referenced the next page. Fixed.
  • Empty toolbar queries like `aliases!=` didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Searching, e.g., only for tags could return items in groups excluded from searching. Fixed
  • `.applescript` files showed an empty preview. Fixed.
  • `.scpt` and `.scptd` were incorrectly editable. Fixed.
  • Web archives without an internal URL were not rendered and could not be converted to HTML or formatted notes. Fixed.
  • The Reveal command wasn’t available in contextual menus when viewing files in ordinary tags. Fixed.
  • The Recent Destinations section in the Move To, Replicate To, or Duplicate To submenus incorrectly could contain ordinary tags. Fixed.
  • The Highlight submenu of the contextual menu when viewing PDF documents was disabled on macOS Catalina and later if the current text selection was already highlighted. Fixed.
  • Glitch of Label menus in dark mode. Fixed.
  • Property icons, e.g., of indexed items, were not always shown in icon view with files having very short names (one or two characters). Fixed.
  • The height of the headers of the List view was incorrect after enabling the second column. Fixed.
  • The Length column in List view reported “1 pages” for single-page PDFs. Fixed.
  • Smart group and smart rule editors with too many conditions or actions couldn’t be resized to accommodate them. Fixed.
  • Border of Quick-Look-based standard preview of emails on Mojave and later was incorrect. Fixed.
  • The Search inspector didn’t show when searching web pages navigated to, i.e., not a bookmark in the database. Fixed.
  • The Sorter could display incorrect colors when run as a menu extra on macOS Big Sur. Fixed.
  • Document windows were not always automatically closed after emptying the trash. Fixed.
  • The Mount Volume button of the view/edit pane locked the application while mounting unmounted volumes. Fixed.
  • Certain reminder alarm actions didn’t work properly with groups, smart groups, and RSS feeds. Fixed.
  • The number of hits of accessed groups were incremented by 2 each time it was accessed. Also the hits of feeds was incorrectly incremented when the feeds were refreshed. Fixed.
  • Filesystem events, e.g., after deleting file A in a folder and renaming file B as file A immediately afterwards, could cause duplicate items. Fixed.
  • Document dates with unknown file types could be incorrectly detected or missed. Fixed.
  • Tag issues when moving items to a group having the same tags in a different database not using group tags. Fixed.
  • Scripts > Data > Verify & Optimize Databases could fail while databases were synchronizing. Fixed.
  • The `search` AppleScript command returned incomplete results when providing an invalid `in` parameter. Fixed.
  • A rare AppKit exception could occur while processing images. Fixed.

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