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Deep Freeze

2015-02-19   Utilities

Deep Freeze Mac
  • Name: Deep Freeze
  • Total Size: 28.51 MB
  • Created on: Thu Feb 12 13:43:20 2015
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Mac Platform: UB (PPC & Intel)
Includes: KG

OS version: OS X 10.4+
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel/PPC
RAM minimum: N/A
Video RAM: N/A

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New Features:

Support for Simplified Chinese and Portuguese


11367 On OS X 10.10: Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze is in Maintenance dialog does not appear when selecting ‘lock out user’ under maintenance mode.
11913 Resolved an issue on OS X Yosemite Mac Mini systems where lock message for Maintenance does not appear on the screen as expected.
11990 Resolved an issue where Mac Cloud Agent was not responding to Cloud Console. (Case No: WDU-182-84850)
13050 Resolved an issue where Maintenance Lock message is displayed while Deep Freeze Status is Thawed.
13055 Resolved an issue where Cloud Agent is not able to switch Deep Freeze Mac perpetual in Thawed mode to upgrade Cloud Agent or Deep Freeze needs to be upgraded to Deep Freeze Cloud.

Known Issues:

10691 Warning message displayed before maintenance starts gets truncated if message is more than 3 lines.
11397 Two error dialog boxes are displayed when “Boot Thawed on Next” option is blank and on clicking the Apply button.
7501 ThawSpaces are not created when a Custom Install Package is run which specifies the ThawSpaces. (Case No: HEH-328-27445)
7582 Drive Icon in the dock does not show the Deep Freeze Mac Frozen badge. (Case No: DMJ-644-74392)
7265 Cannot install Deep Freeze Mac on new Macs which come with Core Storage Volumes enabled. (Learn more) (Case No: BCM-136-49841)
9046 If you upgrade from older OS to Mavericks, with Deep Freeze 5.8 already installed, Deep Freeze Mac will not lock users out of the computer during a scheduled maintenance even when the option is enabled. (Learn more)

Courtesy of C.O.R.E.

More info:

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze Mac has changed the way IT Professionals approach end-point security; its non-restrictive concept offers the most robust Mac protection available. The need for IT professionals to perform rebuilds, re-image, or troubleshoot computers is eliminated with Deep Freeze Mac ARD reboot-to-restore technology. The result is a dramatic reduction in support and IT expenditures and a substantial increase in computer uptime. This edition of Deep Freeze Mac can be deployed and controlled with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD).

Protection and Security:
* Guarantees 100% workstation recovery on restart
* Provides password protection and complete security
* Protects multiple hard drives and partitions

Configuration Options:
* Customize user name and password
* Choose whether the Deep Freeze icon will appear in the menu bar
* Choose whether the hard drive icon will appear with the Deep Freeze badge

Control and Flexibility:
* Freeze administrator accounts or root account
* Selectively Freeze or Thaw fixed drives, volumes, or partitions
* Import or export configuration information files to or from other Deep Freeze Controllers for deployment
* Use Deep Freeze Assistant to create customized installation packages

Integration and Compatibility:
* Integrates with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) 2 or 3 for enterprise style capability
* Use Deep Freeze Assistant to install specific Saved Tasks into the ARD console
* Use Saved Tasks related to Deep Freeze for use with ARD, such as Boot Frozen, Boot Thawed, Uninstall Deep Freeze, and others
* Localized in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese

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