Crumplepop EasyTracker 1.0.18 – Plugin for tracking motion in video for Final Cut Pro X

2018-01-21   Graphics & Design Video

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Descriptions for Descriptions for Crumplepop EasyTracker 1.0.18 for Final Cut Pro X

Name: Crumplepop EasyTracker
Version: 1.0.18
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.11 or later

Software requirements: Final Cut Pro 10.2.3 or later

Web Site:


Quickly create titles, images, and animations that follow moving objects in your frame, tracking their motion.

Easy Point Tracker

It’s a popular and eye-catching effect – an object moves around in the frame, and a title or animation travels with it, as if they are stuck together somehow. Easy Point Tracker, one of two plugins included with EasyTracker, allows you to create exactly this effect. Want to call out a coffee mug with an animated title that says “Coffee”? Simply draw a box around the coffee mug in the frame, drop in your animated title, and click the “Track” button. EasyTracker also works great with 3rd-party animated templates, so you can create a complex, attractive tracking effect very quickly.

Easy Planar Tracker

EasyTracker also includes a powerful planar tracker called Easy Planar Tracker. Easy Planar Tracker allows you to replace – for example – a sign, window, or phone screen with anything you want. So you could draw a rectangle that matches your phone screen, drop in the image you want to appear in its place, and click “Track”.

Simple Controls

Creating a motion tracking effect often requires that you navigate a complex, cumbersome keyframing UI or perform multiple round-trips to a compositing application like After Effects. It can slow your project to a crawl. EasyTracker is designed for video editors – it lets you work quickly, achieve great tracking results, and get your project out the door.

What’s New in Crumplepop EasyTracker 1.0.18

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