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Creo Pro 2.0.6

2019-05-17   Graphics & Design

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Name Creo Pro
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Created on 2019-05-17 15:01:21
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Descriptions for Creo Pro 2.0.6

Development tool for mobile application that integrates support both for designing the user interface and writing the code that powers the utility

Creo is a development tool for mobile applications that aims to bring design and coding related tasks under the same roof. The utility enables you to create and customize the app’s layout while also providing support for object-based programming.

Design the user interface for your mobile projects and modify the layout in no time

To help you get started, Creo comes with a collection of app templates that you can use as starting points for your own projects. Within the Creo main window you get to see the project assets and documents, and see the layout for each included window.

Note that you can add new items to the layout, or rearrange their position with simple drag and drop movements. You get to view each object in the Creo canvas area while the Inspector panel provides more detailed information.

The best part is that Creo integrates 3D rendering capabilities and offers you the possibility to preview each screen included in your apps from various angles.

Object based programming languages power the code writing tools

Instead of creating non-functional prototypes, Creo is also building the native application and integrates the CreoKIT framework that enables you to execute the code. Just switch to the Gravity Code Editor and assign values to events, or define functions in order to trigger various effects.

Creo enables you to create connections between various objects with ease and also integrates an animation editor that uses an intuitive timeline in order to simplify the procedure. This is great because you get to experiment with the animations until you find the best solution.

Development environment that helps you create native iOS apps

Creo proposes a clean and well-organized workspace where you get to design, build, and test mobile applications without having to employ multiple utilities.

The tool works with object-based programming, allows you to create animations using a user-friendly timeline, and offers you the possibility to either run the apps in a simulator or send them to a device.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

Web Site:

What’s New in Creo Pro 2.0.6

  • Added support for latest App Store requirements
  • Added support for Compiled Asset Catalog (app icon CAR builder)
  • Added ImageFilters support (based on CIFilters) to both Image and ImageView
  • Added preliminary support for manifest typing to Gravity (used for local autocompletion in code editor)
  • Added GravityConsole to quickly test Gravity code
  • Added RGBBuffer object to Images in order to access pixel information
  • Added Documents to the list of reserved keywords
  • Exposed renderedImage property to ImageView
  • Exposed clipsToBounds property to View inspectors
  • Exposed reset method to WebView
  • Exposed showAnnotations to MapView
  • Exposed zoomValue property to MapView
  • Exposed convertRect/convertPoint to all View subclasses
  • Improved app builder generator
  • Improved Flex documentation
  • Improved code editor
  • Improved Gravity language and virtual machine
  • Preserved origin points when controls are dragged inside a view
  • Fixed an issue with detached code editor
  • Fixed custom view orientation in the custom view editor
  • Fixed a disappearing bug in design board when resizing the document window with design board context created directly in landscape orientation
  • Fixed visibleRect property and the trackingArea to update correctly the proposed selection frames in each possible interface orientation.
  • Fixed first selected object when opening a detached code editor window
  • Fixed an issue with AppStore.requestReview() method
  • Fixed a couple of issue with TextField in secure mode
  • Fixed a codegen issue
  • Fixed a crash with gradient color
  • Fixed a multiple selection issue after copying/duplicating multiple objects in design board
  • Fixed a flex issue in calculating the content size when the view has flex width/height and content size flex
  • Fixed a bug in resizing a TextView in landscape orientation, particularly evident if the TextView height is small and width is large
  • Fixed a refresh issue with dataset not correctly reloaded when in cache
  • Fixed a Gravity issue with nested for loops
  • Fixed a padding issue in some Button configurations
  • Fixed an issue that prevents two or more gestures to be recognized simultaneously
  • Thanks to a new compilation process Creo should be now about 40% faster
  • Several internal fixes and improvements



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