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Name : VintagePress - Ink Plate Effects
Files : JPG, PNG
File Size : 2.93 MB
Requirements : Adobe CS4+

Get $69 worth of goods for just $15!

You know how Photoshop and Illustrator give you nice smooth colors and crisp clean edges? VintagePress chews up your precious digital work and spits out rough textures, hot inky edges, and other real print goodies.

This PSD kit will get that design you worked so hard on and make it look like the newspaper that's been in a bin in your grandpa's garage since 1962. 

Plus, if you're like me and don't like to work too hard on stuff you're going to love this.

VintagePress gets rid of all the work by giving you instant vintage print effects that look like you spent a bunch of time on them. So you don't have to mess with tons of effects, brushes, and other stuff every time you're preparing your work. 

How does VintagePress do it?

By building a simple but powerful kit that allows you to drop your design into folders. VintagePress does the rest. Each file has been carefully set up to create authentic looking print effects using best practices for achieving these effects. 

Here's what's included in the VintagePress Box:

VintagePress ($17)

A professionally constructed PSD file that gives you realistic vintage print effects instantly. Just drop your images into the clearly marked folders and get beautiful textures, ink edge bleeds, and beautiful overlays. It's easy to turn on and off textures and tweak the intensity too. 

VintagePress comes in 2 sizes. Regular size for your everyday web work (2500 x 1875px). And extra large for print work (4000 x 3000px).

I've also included instruction conveniently located in the PSD. So as soon as you open it you'll see simple 2-step instructions, making it easy to understand instantly. 

It also comes preloaded with 5 high-quality texture presets including: soft newsprint, uniform recycled paper, subtle horizontal ink, soaked and rough pulp.

Bonus #1 - MatchPress ($12)

MatchPress is VintagePress's little brother. He'll give you rough edges and intense ink bleeds. Just like you see on classic retro matchbook art. Plus, MatchPress has the exact ratio of a matchbook. Making it ideal for creating matchbook designs or posting on Dribbble or Instagram. 

Bonus #2 - RetroAcademy Vintage Press Training ($15 available but can't update on CM due to technical issue - should be available soon)

Easy video training to teach you some tricks to get even more from VintagePress. Including how to increase texture intensity in specific areas. Plus, a quick tutorial on how to load Bonus #3 Texture Refill Pack in less than a minute. 

Bonus #3 - 5 Texture Refill Pack ($10)
Have a craving for even more rough and dirty textures? This texture refill pack has got you covered. It includes: Mold & Mildew, Machine Scrapes, Water Stains, Vertical Ink Lines, and Concrete Scrapes. Between this refill pack and the preloaded textures the combinations are endless.

Bonus #4 - Any 1 item of equal or less value ($17)
I wanted to make this offer a complete no brainer. So for a short time I'm offering a free item worth $17 or less from me shop FREE when you purchase. Simple purchase VintagePress and send me a message telling me what item you'd like. I'll send it to you in 24 hours or less!

VintagePress alone is worth $15. With the bonuses this pack is worth $69. Buy it now and get everything for just $15!

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