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Name : Teardrop typeface
Files : PDF, TTF
File Size : 967.46 KB
Vector : Yes

This is Teardrop a hand drawn ink typeface with contextual alternatives.
My aim was to create a typeface that looked like teardrops had hit the ink and created drips and splashes. 
Teardrop is imperfect, distressed and completely hand crafted. 
Inspired by
Inspired by the song teardrop by massive attack -
From the song I created a poster, from the poster I created the font.
Original teardrop design
Contextual alternatives
It has 3 glyphs for each A-Z a-Z letter - the typeface is programmed to cycle these alternate glyphs when contextual alternates are turned on in your application. It makes it look less repetitive, and kind of funky.
If you buy the typeface please turn this option on to get the full benefit of this feature.

Font format
The font format is OTF, and TTF it has just over 500 glyphs in total including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, symbols, Western European, South Eastern European and Central European glyphs.

If you have any questions just ask.

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