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Name Creativemarket Seasalt Action Collection Bundle 160315
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Name : The Action Bundle Vol. 1
Files : ZIP
File Size : 91.28 MB

Save over 50% when you bundle! This entire collection bundle gives you the creative freedom to transform your work with a single click, or express your creativity by combining and layering multiple actions to create custom, one of a kind looks.

• Valued at $255
• Includes: Stems & Roots, Something Wicked, Genesis, Unapologetic, Wonderlust, Soul Chasing, Seasalt Summers and Something Wicked Action Collections
• Over 100 actions + 27 overlays!
• Designed with English versions of PS and PSE.
• Includes ALL files for Photoshop Versions.


• Photoshop CS2-Creative Cloud (CC), Photoshop Elements 7-Up Compatible. 
• Seasalt Summers works with PS CS-CC and PSE 9-Up.

NOTE Our products are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, however you will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to use any of our products.

Seasalt Summers Collection Are you tired of all the work from having to replace a sky because the sky is blown out or the formation is boring? You can now put all that hard work to the side. In just a matter of minutes you can add a stunning dreamy effect to your images. Includes 14 Photoshop Actions.

• Link:

Something Wicked Collection Comes with an array of stunning tones giving images your choice of Charming Tones, Wicked Tones and/or Enchanting Mattes. Even stack these actions to achieve even more alluring affects. Includes 41 Photoshop Actions and 27 add-on graphics for your editing needs such as creepy birds, malicious horns, a crystal ball and MORE!

• Link:

Unapologetic Collection A beautiful blend of black and white conversions. Completely non-destructive with each action and layer editable to fit your own unique look. This set contains: 5 B+W Bases, 8 Creative B+W Tones, 16 Top Tones to be placed on top of a B+W Base and 3 unique vignettes.

• Link:

Stems & Roots Collection Inspired by natures beauty and hues we bring you a collection of stunning matte finishes, moody tones and an array of classic and vintage styled black & whites, this set is sure to please your artistic needs. Includes 29 Photoshop Actions.

• Link:

Wonderlust Collection The perfect set to help you dig deep down into your creativity and let it run wild. This collections was created with a creative imagination with hopes it would inspire others to tap into their artful souls that would help them create their own style of imagery. Includes 30 Photoshop Actions.

• Link:

Soul Chasing Collection Was created with a creative imagination with hopes it would inspire others to either help them enhance their already fine art images and/or for those wanting to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Includes 27 Photoshop Actions.

• Link:

Genesis Collection Our Genesis action collection comes with 28 stunning Photoshop actions, designed to help you with priming your images as well as giving your image added artistic flare. This collection is inspired by the natural world around us and the story of beginning of time giving images deep rustic toning.

• Link:


• (Unapologetic) LOVE this set! This is finally the end of me jumping thru hoops to find just the right black and white action I need. Has totally simplified how I edit. Definitely recommend for anyone that has been looking for a set, you have all options you need with this one! – Triple J Photography
• (Something Wicked) I LOVE this set!! It offers endless creative opportunities with all the great tones & mattes AND the many graphics at your disposal! I waited anxiously for Something Wicked to be released and it was well worth the wait! Seasalt actions are top-notch, give them a try, you won’t be disappointed! – Athena
• (Seasalt Summers) Wow. Seasalt hits it out of the park yet again on this release! I’m sure many of us have had the unfortunate experience of shooting beach portraits on ugly, brown beaches with blown out, gross skies. Good idea in theory, but not in practice. THIS changes all that. The water tones and sky tones are fabulous, as is the long exposure water action. Stellar work. I wouldn't expect anything less from Seasalt. – Clarissa
• (Wonderlust) I love Wonderlust and find it the most versatile set of actions without a doubt! -L.M.
• (Wonderlust) This set was one of the first I purchased from Seasalt! It’s still one of my favorites and since I shoot a lot of weddings, I use them all the time!! Love them! -Tina
• (Soul Chasing) Soul Chasing is a must-have for creative editing, especially of the “dark” genre! This set compliments the Genesis Collection & Something Wicked Collection very nicely, I always end up blending actions from these three sets on images. My top favs (and I love them all!) from this set are: The Flock, Fear of Falling & Worlds Above. Thank you Seasalt for awakening the creative “beast” within me! -Athena
• (Soul Chasing) This set it a must for creative edits. It gives your image a very beautiful composition! I love how this collection can take an image and bring it whatever direction you are looking for. I love using this collection to really make a statement. The actions are so appropriately named, you can try the feeling you want to achieve and instantly see how well they correspond! -Chelsea


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At Seasalt & Co. we spend countless hours developing the best tools for our users. Our workflow tools go through rigorous testing phases to ensure the best results for our users. Every one of our Action collections are developed so that you have full control over every aspect of each action providing you the flexibility to experiment for endless creativity. Our actions are built with the fewest steps as possible for optimization, thus allowing you to speed up your workflow. Our artistic enhancing tools are able to compliment all genres of photography as well as evoke an emotional response from your viewers.Our collections are also compatible for Photoshop Elements Users (please check each product for which PSE program it is compatible for.) For PSE users using older versions of PSE (7-10), we specifically make sure our actions won't scatter and are available for ease of use.

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