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CreativeMarket Jackrabbit Creative 3 Font Bundle Atlas Hickory Sandman icon
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CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Atlas/Atlas_sans.otf (57.80 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Atlas/Atlas_sans.ttf (20.40 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Atlas/Atlas_slab.otf (65.74 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Atlas/Atlas_slab.ttf (22.54 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Hickory/Hickory.otf (57.49 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Hickory/Hickory.ttf (19.92 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Sandman/Sandman_Fill.otf (42.63 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Sandman/Sandman_Fill.ttf (15.72 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Sandman/Sandman_Line.otf (80.76 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/Sandman/Sandman_Line.ttf (25.92 kB)
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CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/jc 3 font pack.jpg (84.06 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/jc atlas.jpg (94.13 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/jc hickory.jpg (120.1 kB)
CreativeMarket_-_Jackrabbit_-_font_bundle/jc sandman.jpg (95.06 kB)

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Name : Jackrabbit Font Bundle
Files : TTF, OTF
File Size : 260.72 KB
Vector : Yes

First ever font pack from Jackrabbit Creative.
Pack includes 3 best selling Jackrabbit fonts: Atlas, Sandman, and Hickory. Normally a $30 value for all three sold separately, this pack is marked down to $20 for the lot. Includes both .otf and .ttf files.

Atlas is a handmade sans and serif font - inspired by both adventure and vintage travel maps.
Font includes numbers and minimal glyphs.

Sandman is a handmade sans serif font. Two versions - Fill and Outline. Perfect for overlaying on photos...or really any project wanting a handcrafted feel. Inspired by, and created whilst listening to vintage tunes - such as "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes - hence the name. Font includes numbers and minimal glyphs.

• Hickory is a handcrafted slab serif font inspired by vintage forest service.
Includes numbers and minimal glyphs.

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