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Name : 3D Template catalog+PSD
Files : PSD
File Size : 53.51 MB
Layered : Yes

3D magazine - books have great psd!!!

• You can put pictures of the sector you wish to book covers . The only thing you need to do after the show presentations to clients and get the job done.


• Layers are available.
-There is a great 3D image with exclusive shades.
• You include designs with free stock photos for illustration.
• Stock photo designs are available in the PSD file.
• Special high-resolution 5000x3000 px size and can be used wherever you are with 300 dpi and can print.
• Page layers.
-The free fonts are uninformed in psd file.
• Sample all the 3D work available.

I liked it a lot , but how do you say ... I found a simple solution for 3D presentations . Make the first layer of the upper layer sample from your own photo cover . Something to be larger than the dimensions of your photo from this layer need to be careful here. Sample cover after selecting from the outer surface of the layer by Ctrl + Shift + I to sample the outer cover layer, we will select the rest of the field. Delete the space remaining on the outside will make things last...
I sell this creative work is only 7 dollars...If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write me.
Good shopping! :)

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