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Contexts 3.7.1


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Name Contexts 3 7 1
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Created on 2018-05-23 21:59:56
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Descriptions for Contexts 3.7.1

Contexts is a radically faster and simpler window switcher. It gives you 4 ways to switch windows:

  1. Switch with one click to any window: An auto-hiding sidebar shows your windows organized in groups. To switch to a window just click its title in the list. It is as simple as that.
  2. Switch with one keystroke to 9 windows and with two keystrokes to any window: This is super fast. Each window gets a window number based on its position in the list. To switch to a window just press Option+window-number. It you are a keyboard person you will love it.
  3. Cycle through recently used windows: Command+Tab switcher fails if your applications have multiple windows. With Option+Tab Contexts lets you cycle through individual windows and switch to any of them directly.
  4. Switch with search to any window: Invoke panel with keyboard shortcut and type a few characters from the application name or window title to filter the list using fuzzy matching. Press enter to bring selected window forward.

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit

Web Site:

What’s New in Contexts 3.7.1

  • Command-Tab switcher has been updated to list windows in order they were last active instead of the order they are on the Desktop. This effects the ordering in two cases:
    • If you use the Dock or the macOS Command-Tab app switcher to activate apps, in case an app has multiple windows on the current Space, they will no longer all move to the top of the list; only the active window of the app will.
    • Windows which are set to always show above other windows will no longer always remain at the top of the list but will move down as other windows become active.
  • When Command-Tab switcher is activated, the second item is initially selected. However, if apps without windows or minimized windows are set to show at the bottom of the list, and the currently active app either does not have open windows or they are all minimized, the first item in the list is the most recent active window and will be initially selected instead.



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