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Cockos Reaper 5.25 for Mac

2016-09-24   Music

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Name Cockos Reaper 5.25
Size 29.46 MB
Created on 2016-09-22 12:54:37
Hash de5fb1a56edc371778cad023e5ffc9d6a9a10647
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Descriptions for Description

Name: Cockos Reaper
Version: 5.25
OS Version: OS X 10.5-10.11

Web Site:

Exhaustive and powerful audio editor, processor, recorder, renderer, arranger and mastering solution for multi-track waveform audio content. REAPER has been designed with compatibility with almost all types of hardware in mind, making it simple to use with a huge amount of software solutions and dedicated audio plug-ins of all sorts.

Do Anything
REAPER's full, flexible feature set and renowned stability have found a home wherever digital audio is used: commercial and home studios, broadcast, location recording, education, science and research, sound design, game development, and more.

What's New in Version 5.25:
REAPER 5.25: We are great programmers, folks.
We make the best software. Really terrific software. Everybody says it's the best. (applause).

 ・add option to ignore FX chain keyboard shortcuts and send keys to main window
 ・increase channel count as needed on copy/paste of FX, FX chains
 ・increase channel count as needed on drag and drop FX to item take FX
 ・improve bypass checkbox positioning .
 ・store comments in FX chains, copy/paste .

 ・fix potential glitch on source loop .
 ・improve media explorer timestretch behavior with looped preview

 ・fix udetection of used channels
 ・improve behavior when initializing resizeable VST3 UIs .

 ・improve behavior when stopping overdub/replace recording with held notes .
 ・fix overdub/replace recording to MIDI items that ignore project tempo
 ・restore 5.1x behavior of preserving overlapping notes that have different selection/mute states
 ・add option to export project markers as either MIDI cue or MIDI marker event type .
 ・support export of tempo/time signature information to type 0 MIDI files .
 ・on multitrack import, do not import events from the header track into the first imported media item
 ・allow resizing pooled MIDI via API using PCM_SOURCE_EXT_SETSIZE by using flags
 ・fix copy/paste of notes with large PPQN values
 ・fix incorrect parsing of multiple note-ons in a row .

MIDI editor
 ・draw events at their precise integer MIDI tick location in piano roll view .
 ・fix CC display with multiple overlapping channels .
 ・prevent drawing zero-length MIDI notes
 ・fix resizing CC lanes when many lanes are displayed
 ・fix duplicate messages when editing bank/program event channel .
 ・fix marquee selection drawing when many CC lanes are displayed .
 ・improve move cursor left/right actions for items which do not start on grid .
 ・properly round event position when editing via list view or event properties dialog .
 ・restore track list, notation, and other displayed data when bringing file-based MIDI online after switching focus away .

Notation editor
 ・add actions to explicitly minimize or un-minimize ties for selected notes .
 ・add preference to minimize ties for all notes by default .
 ・automatically position digits for beamed tuplets, improve bracket positioning for non-beamed tuplets .
 ・change voice for selected notes if appropriate when creating/modifying tuplets .

 ・add fft_real/ifft_real (thanks Tale)
 ・fix used-channel detection for MIDI-only processors
 ・update many stock plug-ins to define their I/O

 ・support importing/exporting OSC bindings to ReaperKeyMap files

 ・improve point paste edge case behavior .

Control surfaces
 ・fix potential MCU crash when managing selection state

Dynamic split
 ・improve handling of existing stretch markers

Media import
 ・if imported media contains title information, use this to name the track rather than "title - filename" .

Performance meter
 ・fix some display arrangement issues when changing view options

 ・allow adjusting speaker parameters en masse using ctrl+alt+slider

 ・clear transport button state when rendering .

Take lanes
 ・add option for clicking take lane changes active take for multiple selected items .

 ・improve reordering of tracks when dragging tracks upwards in place .

Transient guides
 ・avoid adding duplicate stretch markers to self, grouped items

 ・do not add undo point when dragging does not result in reordering tracks .

 ・support reading incomplete .wav files with 0-length data chunk

 ・improve behavior of single track send, media item properties windows with large fonts/scrollbars

Learn REAPER 5 – 1. Introduction

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