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Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.8 (5702)


Carbon Copy Cloner
Name Carbon Copy Cloner 5 1 8
Size 33.43 MB
Created on 2019-05-06 09:55:12
Hash 378845eb14a935d1dc3c9efc2843579612d47351
Files Carbon Copy Cloner 5 1 8 (33.43 MB)

Descriptions for Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.8 (5702) macOS

Introducing Carbon Copy Cloner 5: The smarter, easier CCC. The first bootable backup solution for the Mac is better than ever. When disaster strikes your hard disk, you can boot from your backup and keep working. Troubleshoot the problem disk when you have time to spare.

Bootable Backups

When disaster strikes your hard disk, you can boot from your backup and keep working. Troubleshoot the problem disk when you have time to spare.

Smart Updates

Update only the files that have been added or modified.

Guided Setup

CCC can walk you through the setup process.

Backups Anywhere

Create a backup on your external drive, or back up your files to a networked drive.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5 Features:

  • Bootable backups
  • Run backups automatically on a schedule even if you’re not logged in
  • Clone Recovery HD
  • Guided setup
  • Guided restore
  • Smart updates back up only new or changed files
  • Menubar application
  • SafetyNet archive of changed and deleted items
  • Back up to locally attached volumes, network volumes, or another Mac
  • Backup notifications via Notification Center or email
  • Cloning coach with timely troubleshooting advice
  • Task sorting by name, last status, last run, next run or manually
  • Import and export tasks
  • Backup task collision detection
  • Restrict backup tasks to weekdays or weekends, or when connected to a power source
  • Onetime task scheduling schedule tasks to run once in the future
  • Hourly runtime limits restrict backup tasks to certain times of day
  • Chain individual backup tasks
  • Organize backup tasks into groups
  • Schedule and run task groups
  • Task outlook for task groups
  • Task history
  • Task history trend charts task performance and amount of data copied
  • Custom task filters control exactly what is included in your backup
  • Expanded and improved task filter interface
  • Import and export task filters
  • Preview total data to be copied
  • Automatic update checking without launching CCC application
  • Pre and postflight scripts
  • Command line application
  • Compatible with Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks (10.9)
  • Qualified for Yosemite (10.10) through High Sierra (10.13)
  • Designed for APFS and High Sierra (10.13)

Requirements: Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11), Sierra (10.12), or High Sierra (10.13).

Web Site:

What’s New in Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.8 (5702)

  • When creating a new disk image on a Mojave system, CCC will now create APFSformatted disk images if the source volume is APFSformatted. All snapshot functionality afforded to APFSformatted volumes will apply to APFSformatted disk images as well.
  • Hard drives from a popular vendor ship with a rogue “is a bundle” flag set on the root folder. When cloning this volume to a folder, the rogue flag is preserved on the destination folder, which causes the Finder to treat it like a file, making it awkward to see the items that were copied. CCC now strips this rogue flag from the root folder of the selected destination to avoid the annoying result.
  • Adjusted the handling of 0byte “placeholder” files (e.g. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive “online only” files) to avoid lengthy delays. These delays were particularly notable when working through Dropbox folders.
  • Total snapshot disk usage is presented more prominently in the Disk Center.
  • When cloning to an ExFAT or FAT32 volume, custom volume icons are now preserved at the destination.
  • Resolved an error that can occur when creating readonly disk images on SMB network volumes. Due to a bug in macOS Mojave, sparseimage disk images cannot be created on SMB NAS volumes. Rather than creating a sparseimage intermediate disk image, CCC will now create aa sparsebundle intermediate disk image.
  • CCC’s “trust but verify” casesensitivity check is now applied to “ufsd_ExtFS” volumes as well, after getting confirmation from a user that these volumes incorrectly report themselves as caseinsensitive, when in fact they are casesensitive.
  • To protect against unauthorized modifications, CCC now requires that pre and postflight scripts are owned and writable only by the system administrator, and that all parent folders of the scripts are owned and writable only by the system administrator. A new “Secure CCC’s Scripts folder” option is available in the Utilities menu to help meet these new requirements.
  • Fixed some UI issues around the visibility of the pre/postflight script interface elements.
  • Fixed an issue in which other tasks within a group would start to run after the following events: a) start task group, b) stop task group before all tasks complete, c) manually run one of the tasks within the group.
  • Fixed an issue in which CCC would errantly report that a destination lacked support for files larger than 4GB.
  • Hourly run time limits that have a start or end time at midnight will be applied a little more gracefully, e.g. a task that starts a few seconds prior to midnight will be allowed to run with a midnight start time limit.
  • Fixed a password decoding issue that could cause problems while configuring a task with the Remote Macintosh option if the administrator’s password on the remote Mac contained 3byte characters (e.g. €).
  • Tasks that failed due to the source or destination being missing will no longer get a “failed” badge in the Tasks table if the task is also configured to not send error notifications when the source or destination is missing. Likewise, the Task Plan will now indicate this condition specifically, rather than offering a generic “Errors occurred during the last run” message.



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