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Carbon Copy Cloner 4.0.3

2014-12-06   Utilities

Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Name: Carbon Copy Cloner 4.0.3
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  • Created on: Wed Nov 26 13:43:58 2014
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Name: Carbon Copy Cloner
Version: 4.0.3
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.8 or higher
64 bit

Whats new:

In some cases, OS X Yosemite's Service Management daemon crashes while attempting to install CCC's helper tool. In other cases, the Service Management daemon fails to cope with a corrupted system folder, and this also leads to a failure installing CCC's helper tool. This update works around both of these OS X bugs.
OS X Yosemite's Finder has a bug in which mounted disk image volumes will appear to remain mounted after CCC has successfully unmounted them. Finder will remove these "ghost" icons if you double-click them, but this update works around this Finder bug by mounting disk images with a flag that prevents the disk image from being browsable in the Finder.
There is a bug in OS X Yosemite's diskutil command-line utility in which it will unlock and attach a FileVault-protected volume, but not mount that volume. This contradicts past behavior as well as the documentation for this utility. This update offers a workaround to this OS X Yosemite bug.
When OS X Yosemite is first started up, the console owner is sometimes an undefined user (and not the root user). This dubious ownership affected CCC's postflight power management options (restart and shutdown). This update now recognizes this dubious ownership and applies the power management action more effectively.
Added a new option to the scheduling selector that allows finer-grained control over the handling of a task when the source or destination is missing. You can now suppress errors and still have the task run when the missing volume reappears.
Added a troubleshooting option, "Don't preserve extended attributes". This new option can be leveraged when dealing with Synology DiskStation performance issues that occur when trying to retrieve extended attributes from files on the DiskStation.
The notification that is sent to NotificationCenter when the source or destination volume is missing has been improved. If the user has not deselected the option to "Run as soon as the missing volume reappears," the notification will ask the user to attach the missing volume to proceed. This is only applicable to cases where the source or destination is a local volume. If the affected item is a folder or is a network volume, we assume that other errors occurred beyond "volume is not attached" so the notification will still indicate than an error occurred.
Fixed an issue in which the path to the CCC private keychain was incorrectly imported in cases where a CCC 3.5 task had been created by a user account other than the currently-logged-in user.
The "Use strict volume identification" control is no longer disabled for ad hoc tasks.
The Task Plan now properly reflects the task "next run time" when a time zone shift has occurred.
Warnings that the Recovery HD is out of date are no longer improperly presented to non-admin users.
Fixed a condition in which the user agent would present a prompt to run a task before it had obtained the details of the task (such as task name) from CCC's helper tool.
CCC now obtains a sleep assertion that will keep the system awake during Dark Wake. In particular, this will avoid tasks running while the system is in and out of sleep (which is harmless, though makes it look like the task is taking longer than it actually is), and will also avoid the error "The backup task was aborted because the destination volume is on transient storage, and the system went to sleep."
Backup tasks configured to run on a monthly basis can now be configured to start on a date in the future.
Fixed an issue in which a scheduled task would fail to run because the system woke (or was powered on) a bit earlier than expected.
BitCasa volumes mounted via OSXFUSE do not advertise support for files larger than 4GB, so CCC was refusing to attempt to copy files larger than 4GB to these volumes. Apparently these volumes do actually support large files, so this update implements a workaround for this non-standard volume behavior.
Fixed an issue in which CCC could hang on launch if 64 or more volumes were mounted.
Fixed a bug in which CCC was errantly loading corrupted copies of task configuration files (e.g. that resulted from previous failed attempts to save the tasks).
Fixed a bug in which CCC was referencing the wrong unique identifier when storing the passphrase for an encrypted disk image in some edge cases. This would lead to CCC failing to mount the disk image and prompting the user to re-enter the passphrase.
The sanity checks that prevent a task from writing to a growable disk image on the startup disk are now avoided in cases where the disk usage of the source cannot be accurately determined.
Several non-error concerns are now suppressed from being presented as errors in the Task History window.
Fixed an issue in which CCC's Recovery HD archive was not getting updated when the source was updated to 10.10.
System files are no longer excluded by default from remote Macintosh sources.
Fixed an issue in which CCC would not prune the contents of the _CCC SafetyNet folder after it had been renamed from "_CCC Archives". This is a one-time occurrence, but in some cases users encountered a "Destination is full" message on this initial backup.
Some network filesystems have a rogue "hidden" flag on the root folder of the sharepoint. While Finder manages to ignore that flag, it is still preserved when copying files from that sharepoint with CCC. This would lead to the destination folder being invisible. This update strips any such rogue "hidden" flag from the destination root folder at the end of the backup task.
Fixed an issue in which an error that should have been ignored will cause the menubar application to display an alert icon when the user agent application is reloaded.
Fixed an issue in which CCC would occasionally crash if a slow network volume was present. This crash did not affect the operation of backup tasks, but was nevertheless annoying if the user was trying to modify a backup task.
Command+Option+Q will now quit CCC as well as the privileged helper tool and user agent. The helper tool and user agent consume nearly no resources when idle, and they are required for the performance of scheduled tasks. This is a convenience for people that do not wish to configure CCC tasks to run automatically.
The hidden NetBoot sharepoint hint files are now excluded by default. This avoids having the backup volume appear as an ad hoc NetBoot sharepoint when that volume is mounted, and also avoids the file sharing service preventing its unmount.
Fixed the checkbox that controls whether CCC automatically checks for software updates.
Fixed an edge case scenario in which CCC was unable to store SMTP credentials when logged in to a different user account than what was used to originally specify the credentials.
The "AvidUnityISIS" filesystem does not advertise support for files larger than 4GB, so CCC was refusing to attempt to copy files larger than 4GB to these volumes. Apparently these volumes do actually support large files, so this update implements a workaround for this non-standard volume behavior.
Fixed an issue in which CCC would not copy some items from a data-only volume to a network volume if those items had names that are the same as OS X system folders.
Fixed an issue in which ##et_source_name## was not getting replaced in email notifications when the source was a folder on a missing volume.
Fixed an issue in which the task would appear to not be proceeding when copying files to some network volumes.

Pre-K'ed courtesy of The Shark

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Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner backups are better than ordinary backups. Suppose the unthinkable happens while you're under deadline to finish a project: your Mac is unresponsive and all you hear is an ominous, repetitive clicking noise coming from its hard drive. With ordinary backups, you'd spend your day rushing out to a store to buy a new hard drive and then sit in front of your computer reinstalling the operating system and restoring data.

With Carbon Copy Cloner, your data and the operating system's data are all preserved on a bootable volume, ready for production at a moment's notice. When disaster strikes, simply boot from your backup and get back to using your Mac. At your convenience, replace the failed hard drive and then let CCC restore the OS, your data and your settings directly from the backup in one easy step.

Any backup application can save your stuff. A CCC bootable backup will save your productivity too!

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