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Capo 3.2

2015-06-03   Music

Capo 3
Name Capo 3.2
Size 21.29 MB
Created on 2015-05-31 00:31:29
Hash 80fb96600b248754078483c23f2f6f9a173468a0
Files Capo 3.2/Capo 3.x [SP].zip (1.28 MB)
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Descriptions for Description

Name: Capo
Version: 3.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: 10.9 or higher
64 bit

Whats new:

New Features
We added a totally new UI for changing chord entries, and it now matches the latest iOS release more closely. You can now change all chords of a given type when making corrections to Capo's detection results.
You can now export Capo's detected chords to MIDI format in addition to the note entries.
You can now choose to display chord boxes in left-handed mode. Rock on, southpaws!
Songs exported will have an iTunes tag.
Capo now allows you to visit our newsletter page and sign up from the welcome screen.
Brand-new help file! This took a lot of work to get set up for, and even more work to arrange the content within. We hope you like it!
Bug Fixes
Added some missing Mandolin tunings: Irish Bozouki (GDAD) and Mandola (CGDA)
Resizing regions near the very beginning and very end of the song no longer allow the region to extend beyond the song bounds
The window size can now be extended vertically to fit the entire spectrogram
Added some protection against a potential crash in the spectrogram calculation code
Fixed some cases where Capo would display all 1s on the timeline
Region undo/redo has been restored
Dragging capo documents onto the 'Drag Here' window works once again
Fixed a crash that occurred in certain instances when launching Capo
Restored count-in at the start of the song
Corrected an issue where region selection was not being updated, and a non-selected region could get deleted by accident
Removed legacy keystrokes from the default list
Capo should no longer mess up the spectrogram/note layout on first launch of a document until the zoom is modified
Corrected various other crashes. Thanks for your submissions!

Courtesy of Special K

Capo 3 is a revolutionary tool that helps you learn the music in your iTunes library. By slowing your music, automatically detecting chords and quickly generating guitar tablature using the detailed spectrogram, Capo 3’s award-winning capabilities let you learn to play your songs faster than ever.

Capo will change the way you learn to play music. The audio-to-note approach will soon seem so natural to you that you will no longer regard your favorite bands’ music as inaccessible to play yourself. You can learn to play any music you have as a recorded audio file, whether an mp3, m4a, wav, or aiff file. This is the future of learning to play music. It’s no wonder Capo won a prestigious Apple Design Award.

With Capo you can learn songs in an intuitive and flexible way. The automatic chord detection appears quickly when you load a song from iTunes, and then updates instantly as you change the key, place a capo on your instrument, or switch tunings.

But there’s more to what musicians can now see in the music they’re learning! Capo makes it easy to learn the details of a music performance using the visual representation of frequencies in an audio file called a “Spectrogram.” Swipe across notes as you listen to the recording to instantly generate guitar tablature. No more searching online for tabs for your favorite new song – or classic song!

And the spectrogram is not only for quick transcriptions. See every nuance in the performance—the note bends, slurs, and vibrato—to visually reinforce what you are hearing.

World-class musicians are praising Capo’s flexibility, speed, and reliability for learning and experimenting with music. Whether used as a problem solver in their day-to-day work of learning music for a gig or just to grow as a musician, Capo is inspiring some of today’s top musicians in the industry.

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