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BricsCAD Platinum

2017-09-03   Developer Tools Graphics & Design

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Name BricsCad_Platinium_v17.2.13.1[MacOS] [p AMPED].zip
Size 219.5 MB
Created on 2017-09-03 19:07:47
Hash 6560b5a302beff02642f869bcf5b8f3a73939bd3
Files BricsCad_Platinium_v17.2.13.1[MacOS] [p AMPED].zip (219.5 MB)

Descriptions for Descriptions for BricsCAD Platinum

Name: BricsCAD Platinum
Version: 17.2.13-1
Released: Aug 29th, 2017
Developer: Menhirs NV
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.9.5 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Patch (AMPED)

Web Site:


Fully-featured and powerful CAD design platform that targets specific industries and brings to the table a set of standard APIs for C++, LIPS, VBA, and .Net

BricsCAD Platinum is a fully featured cross-platform CAD solution that provides you with all the tools you need for advanced 2D design and 3D direct modeling, and is meant to be an affordable alternative for the well-renowned AutoCAD application.

Also, BricsCAD Platinum features a similarly laid-out interface to many other CAD design apps out there, with an all-encompassing toolbar on top of its main window that offers you quick access to the most used features and tools.

Easy to use and comprehensive CAD designer

Furthermore, BricsCAD Platinum makes it even easier to work with via its “look-from” widget that accurately indicates your current point of view direction, and can be manipulated by clicking the little arrow buttons surrounding the chair figurine.

What’s more, the BricsCAD Platinum app comes with support for multiple tabs and therefore it makes it easy for you to open, switch between, and work with multiple CAD projects at once.

Its “Quad cursor” feature makes it a hoot to work with CAD elements

Another worth mentioning feature is the fact that BricsCAD Platinum bundles an “intelligent Quad cursor” which takes the place of popular editing entities, and has the potential to boost your productivity, by intuitively adjusting to either 2D or 3D workflows.

The Quad cursor can also be used to modify the shape and dimensions of certain CAD elements, manipulate solid materials, subtract, push and pull textures.

One other handy capability is the fact that BricsCAD Platinum provides you with an inbult “Hotkey Assistant” tool that enables you to toggle between edges and face selection modes.

Comes with support for the most popular CAD formats and has cloud sharing capabilities

As you would expect from a comprehensive CAD design software, BricsCAD Platinum offers support for the most popular CAD formats namely DWG, DWF, DXF. Last but not least, BricsCAD Platinum has Chapoo compatibility, allowing you to manage your drawing projects and share them with your co-workers or collaborators.

All in all, BricsCAD Platinum comes across as a complete and powerful CAD solution with many uses in a wide array of fields such as civil engineering, architecture design, GIS, mechanical CAD, and AEC solutions, and many more.

What’s new in BricsCAD Platinum

・GENERATED VIEWS Performance of certain steps (such as preview generation and processing external .dwg files) of VIEWBASE, VIEWSECTION or VIEWDETAIL commands has been improved.

  • Improvements for small screens or large dcl dialogs:
  • On Linux and Mac, use a slightly smaller font in dcl dialogs. Dcl dialogs ended up somewhat bigger on Linux and Mac compared to Windows.
  • Allow reducing the size of dialogs that exceed a size of 800×600. If a dialog is wider than 800 pixels, an end user can now resize it to a smaller width down to 800 pixels. Likewise, dialogs can be reduced in height down to 600 pixels. Reducing the size of a dialog below minimum size does not change the layout of the dialog, instead the contents will become only partially visible and scrollbars appear to control what part of the dialog is visible.
  • 3D MODELLING Fixed crash in _DMPUSHPULL command.
  • AUDIT End parameter (DXF42) of ellipses is replaced by 2PI during loading a DXF file if values of ellipse start and end parameters are equal to 0.0. Before this fix, such ellipses were discarded.
  • BMINSERT Command incorrectly responded to the dynamic input when the Array option was used.
  • BHATCH "BHATCH _Properties ? *" resulted in a hangup.
  • COPYCLIP/PASTECLIP COPYCLIP/PASTECLIP could fail when using nondefault UCS.
  • DRAWING EXPLORER Fix crash in View Section Style.
  • ETRANSMIT Data files for 3D online viewing were always generated, disobeying the related setting.
  • FROM XYZ filter was undesirably applied when combined with FROM offset option.
  • LOCALIZATION Corrected multiple issues for localized BricsCAD versions.
  • MECHANICAL BROWSER Program crashed on incorrect filename entered when using the Replace context menu item.
  • PEDIT Option to join lines to a polyline malfunctioned if UCS differs from WCS and polyline and lines lie in UCS XY plane.
  • PRINT DIALOG When the PRINT dialog's virtual size is larger than the screen, automatically show a scroll bar so controls are kept in reach by the user.
  • PUBLISH TO PDF Fields with CTAB value were not published correctly to multisheet PDF in some cases (depending on nesting, active layout).
  • SHX Fonts Fixed a regression where shx fonts ended up with the wrong size when printing to PDF
  • TOOLPALETTE Blocks on a tool palette, which have the 'Prompt for rotation' option set to NO, undesirably were aligned with the WCS, while they should be aligned to the current coordinate system instead.
  • VIEWPORT In a locked viewport, when using pan/zoom during a command, it was possible to modify the locked view. Regression since V17.2
  • WBLOCK Block names were not alphabetically sorted in WBLOCK dialog.
  • '.plt' file extension undesirably was used instead of '.pdf' for publishing with Print As PDF.pc3
  • The command could fail when trying to publish in background which is currently not supported. The operation will always happen in foreground meanwhile.
  • SMFLANGEEDGE Junction feature was not created in case of present adjacent feature of the same type.
  • SMFORM Explode operation could not be undone correctly.



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